Los Alamos Police Department adds high-tech mobile surveillance tools to crime-fighting arsenal

Los Angeles Police Department’s high-tech mobile surveillance camera filmed the Lemon Lot on Wednesday. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Written by Carol A. Clark
Los Alamos Daily Post

The Los Alamos Police Department (LAPD) has added a high-tech mobile surveillance tool to its crime-fighting arsenal. This new tool features state-of-the-art cameras with features such as a live feed directly to the unified command center, continuous recording, the ability for detectives and patrol officers to view camera feeds directly from their mobile phones, and night vision capabilities on the cameras. It’s a cutting edge camera. The cost is approximately $30,000.

“We really want to commend Beverly Simpson and her Division of Emergency Management for applying for and securing the grant that allowed us to add this important new tool to our arsenal,” said Deputy Commissioner Oliver Morris said. “We now have state-of-the-art mobile surveillance cameras that can extend over six feet in the air, which will prove beneficial to the entire community.”

When first received, the cameras were installed near the entrance to town for several weeks, and are now located in Lemon Lot.

“The mobility of this camera allows us to move it to any area where we believe additional surveillance is needed,” Deputy Chief Morris said. “This will help us investigate the recent spate of catalytic converter thefts. We also have additional tools that we are currently seeking contract approval for that will further strengthen our security capabilities.”

Deputy Chief Morris added that the Los Angeles Police Department is seeking new employees to join the team.

About the Los Angeles Police Department:

The LAPD is made up of 33 sworn police officers. The patrol division consists of 20 police officers, including four sergeants. The Patrol Division is overseen by the Operations Commander, who also oversees the Criminal Investigation Unit. The patrol division consists of four patrol teams that work in 12-hour shifts. Each team is at full strength with his five officers, one sergeant. They will be given A, B, C, and D team designations. Of these, his two teams, Team A and Team C, are day teams, and Team B and Team D are night teams.

Patrol officers are required to spend a certain amount of time out of their patrol cars during their regular workday. You can use the time to get out of your car to do bike patrol or walk around the area. In addition to patrol duties, some police officers may be assigned to special teams and have special duties.


Los Alamos County has an area of ​​110 square miles. If you are interested in learning more about working for the Los Angeles Police Department, please visit Employment Opportunities for more information, including how to apply.

In addition to the services officers provide to the community, the LAPD also operates the county jail and is responsible for animal control, including operating the county animal shelter, according to Deputy Chief Morris. Detention centers and animal shelters are staffed by personnel specifically hired and trained to perform their functions.

He said the Los Alamos Detention Center is considered one of the best small prisons in the state and has been recognized by the state for its exceptional operating standards, including customer service. The detention center is staffed by a small group of dedicated professionals, and employee retention is extremely high.

“The Los Angeles Police Department is an agency that strives to meet or exceed the expectations of the people we serve,” Deputy Chief Morris said. “As a local law enforcement agency with low crime rates, we have the opportunity to be involved in many issues and activities outside of the traditional police role. We are encouraged to get involved in the communities we serve and live in. Our sworn and non-sworn employees alike contribute to solving problems in our communities. We strive to provide an environment that encourages our members to be a friendly resource for County visitors and residents. We are recruiting new employees. For more information, please contact Drill Sergeant at 505.662.8222. ) or email us.

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