SuperGreen Solutions rolls out high-tech mobile model

SuperGreen Solutions, an energy-efficient franchise business, has rolled out an innovative new mobile model. Network-first, SuperGreen Direct is a low-cost mobile showroom that allows prospective franchisees to take advantage of the global business’ established brands.

Under the new model, franchisees will acquire SuperGreen Solutions’ industry-leading product catalog and display it directly to customers in their homes.

Sean Cochrane, founder and managing director of SuperGreen Solutions, said the new SuperGreen Direct franchise opportunity was designed to reflect the evolving nature of retail and e-commerce.

“To be honest, the way we’ve done business in the past isn’t going to be the way we’ll do business in the future,” he said. “Bricks and mortar is changing and some people don’t want a five-year lease. That’s why we’re introducing this.”

The new SuperGreen Direct Van also has a significantly reduced price. Currently priced in SuperGreen Solutions stores at around $200,000, depending on equipment, the new mobile model costs just $85,000.

The van is equipped with a number of energy-efficient products and serves the purpose of both a showroom and a mobile workspace.

In addition, the fully Wi-Fi-enabled space integrates lighting displays, electric vehicle chargers, and air purification equipment, all of which can be controlled through the onboard Google Home system.

“The van has all of our products on display, and everything that’s in the showroom is in the van,” Cochran said.

SuperGreen Direct as a destroyer

The addition of a mobile sales model is sure to be a boost for brick-and-mortar retailers as well, with Cochrane revealing that existing franchisees can now act as supplier hubs.

“If I have a store and you’re a salesperson, you don’t have the inventory on hand, so inventory is basically fed back to the brick-and-mortar retailer. Brick-and-mortar operators are We’re effectively working as a supplier, so we can split the profits.”

This is a positive changing of the guard for SuperGreen Solutions, which has enjoyed great success in Australia and overseas. This company has become one of the nation’s leading energy efficiency advisors, suppliers and installers.

While our innovative approach to energy efficiency has made us a household name, our next step is to focus on improving the customer experience.

“Here’s the disruptor. Now you can shop on your phone. Five to 10 years ago, people were walking in strip malls, then they moved to shopping centers, and now they’re shopping on their smartphones.” Cochran said.

The SuperGreen Direct showroom is just one of three new mobile models the brand is currently rolling out to compete with the evolving sector.

New SuperGreen solution model

The global franchise is also launching installer and electrician/plumber models for those looking to provide professional services.

“The next step is to find an electrician and solar installer who wants his van. He doesn’t want a showroom, he wants identity with the tools. A brick-and-mortar store. When a retailer sells a Tesla battery, they need someone to install it, and that’s where this model comes into play.”

It is a system that allows for free movement between all platforms, quoting and selling products via SuperGreen direct sales vans, and at brick-and-mortar retailers before mobile installers visit homeowners. You can pass supply orders to.

The full-service model is what sets the brand apart, Cochran said, and because so many companies all operate as a team, everyone wins.

“Remember, all these additional vans running around make more noise, create more brand awareness, and all those static elements bring more value to the brick-and-mortar model. Masu.”

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