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On February 20th, as part of Franklin Square Library’s community outreach efforts, Nassau Library System TechMobile Coordinator Gabriel Cain visited residents of the Platte-Duetsche Home Society.

Techmobile is a mobile technology lab designed to address digital equity and inclusion issues among the 54 member libraries within the Nassau Library System and their communities.

“This resource will enable these libraries and their partners to expand their footprint of operations deeper into the communities they serve,” Cain said.

During the session, residents learned about online search techniques, starting with a brief primer on search engines. They discussed concepts such as side reading and how to find reliable sources of information online, including identifying the difference between search results and advertisements. Additionally, we discussed password management techniques and best practices when browsing the Internet.

Kane answered residents’ questions about mobile device notifications, password management software, and device operating systems. He provided his one-on-one device assistance to residents who needed additional assistance.

TechMobile is available for reservation by member libraries, and Cain said the Nassau Library System is always looking for opportunities to share its services with like-minded organizations.

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