BMW ditches Garmin for high-tech cell phone cradle

BMW Cradle turns your phone into a GPS device

Previously, long rides required multiple stops as riders had to ask locals for directions, especially in remote areas. Then, a few years ago, standalone GPS navigation devices became available, but they are not without limitations.

The advent of smartphones has made standalone GPS navigation devices obsolete. Not only can a smartphone be used as a navigation tool, but it’s also more affordable than a regular GPS device and can do a lot more.

With this in mind, BMW Motorrad has introduced the ConnectedRide Cradle.

BMW discontinues Garmin in mobile phone cradle image

The ConnectedRide Cradle is more than just a cradle to comfortably use your smartphone as a navigation device while riding. Additionally, navigation maps and vehicle data such as lean angle, acceleration and deceleration can be displayed via the BMW Motorrad Connected app using the multi-controller.

Thanks to the individually adjustable side clamps, the ConnectedRide cradle is suitable for different smartphone sizes and charges your smartphone inductively according to the Qi standard at up to 7.5 W or via USB-C connection up to 7.5 W (1.5 A ) to charge the battery. at 5V). The LED charging indicator (which can also be turned off) provides information about the charging status of your phone.

For safety, you can lock the ConnectedRide cradle to your motorcycle’s holder (if the holder supports it).

The ConnectedRide cradle can also be used for older BMW Motorrad models (e.g. BMW R 1200 GS K50) and is suitable for all BMW Motorrad models equipped with the optional equipment “Navigation system preparation (option 272)”. It also fits models equipped with a multi-navigation system. Option to retrofit the controller and navigation preparation via the BMW Motorrad workshop system (except R 1200 RT, R 1250 RT, K 1600 models). On older bikes without a TFT instrument cluster, operation is possible via the control element of the “Prepare navigation unit SA 272”. “In-vehicle computer Pro (option 221)” is required to display vehicle data.

The ConnectedRide cradle cannot be used with the Navigator 4-button mount cradle.

To be able to fully use the functions described, you must use the BMW Motorrad Connected app version 4.0 or higher. BMW Motorrad always recommends installing the latest updates to ensure proper functionality.

Bluetooth connectivity is required to be able to control the app via the motorcycle’s navigation-ready control elements. To comply with connection security requirements (LE Secure Connections), smartphones must have at least Bluetooth Low Energy version 4.2. Therefore, smartphones with older Bluetooth versions are not supported.

Bluetooth pairing takes place within the BMW Motorrad Connected app and is only required once during initial setup.

Compatible smartphone

Most modern smartphones are compatible with ConnectedRide Cradle. These include, but are not limited to, iPhone 7-13 and most Samsung and Huawei phones.

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