Tej Eye Center launches high-tech mobile eye care services in Gujarat

Last updated: Thursday, August 3, 2023, Author: Chetansingh Chauhan

In a significant step towards providing accessible and affordable eye care services to all citizens, Tej Eye Center, one of the fastest growing eye hospital chains in India, proudly introduces the state-of-the-art Eye Mobile Bus. Announced on. The grand inauguration ceremony was held in the esteemed presence of Gujarat Health Minister Shri Rishikesh Patel. This initiative is positioned as Tej Eye Center’s noteworthy contribution towards the noble Bharat Ayushman Yojna envisioned by the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Introducing the high-tech i-mobile bus

The high-tech Eye Mobile Bus represents Tej Eye Center’s commitment to combating the burden of eye diseases in society by focusing on early detection. Shocking statistics reveal that as many as 80% of blindness cases can be prevented with timely diagnosis and intervention. Tej Eye Center is firmly committed to public health and welfare and has started this mobile eye care service to reach out to communities across Gujarat.

Tej Eye Center Mobile Care
Tej Eye Center Mobile Care

Bridging the gap: Tej Eye Center’s vision for a healthier Gujarat

The inauguration ceremony held at Tej Eye Center in Gandhinagar was attended by a large number of eminent personalities from various sections of society. This momentous occasion celebrated the fusion of cutting-edge technologies aimed at creating a healthier and clearer vision for the people of Gujarat.

Tej Eye Center Mobile Care
Tej Eye Center Mobile Care

Strengthen early detection and treatment

The high-tech Eye Mobile Bus is equipped with the latest diagnostic and screening technology and staffed by a team of skilled and experienced eye care professionals. Its mobility allows it to travel to the remotest parts of Gujarat, ensuring comprehensive eye exams and timely treatment for citizens across the state. Tej Eye Center’s Eye Mobile Bus aims to identify eye conditions early, provide appropriate interventions, and close accessibility gaps in underserved communities.

Celebrating a milestone in eye care accessibility

This initiative by Tej Eye Center marks a significant milestone in its efforts to bring eye care services closer to people. The Eye mobile bus enables the hospital’s services to reach the remotest parts of Gujarat, ensuring that no one is left behind in the quest for healthier vision.

Gratitude and determination for the vibrant state of Gujarat

Tej Eye Center would like to express its sincere gratitude to the Government of Gujarat and Health Minister Shri Rishikesh Patel for their tireless efforts in improving the health infrastructure. The Center pledges to work collaboratively towards a healthier, prosperous and vibrant Gujarat.

As Tej Eye Center embarks on its noble mission to transform the accessibility of eye care, we are reinforcing our belief that early detection and timely treatment are the keys to a brighter and clearer future for every individual in Gujarat. I am.

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