A company that supports education using fall detection technology and AI for startup companies expanding into Vietnam

SINGAPORE – Former A*Star engineer Tan Yeow Kee was inspired to develop fall detection technology in 2019 after his mother-in-law fell out of bed during a surgery.

Her fall, discovered just 30 minutes later, caused a back injury that required rehabilitation and extended her hospital stay from a week to several months.

Mr Tan, 42, and his team at his startup SoundEye have developed Lasso, a device that uses radar and laser technology to capture depth images of the environment and detect falls without using a camera. A fall notification will then be sent to the mobile His app.

SoundEye, founded by Mr Tan in 2015, is one of the startups that have ramped up operations into the Vietnam market through Enterprise Singapore’s Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) Acceleration Program.

“We have been confined within Singapore for two years due to the pandemic, so we are working hard to expand overseas,” Mr Tan said.

“Singapore is a stepping stone, but real business should have Asia as a market to sustain and grow. We chose Vietnam, which has a large market, as our next destination for expansion.”

SoundEye operates in Singapore and is in talks to expand into Vietnam and Japan. The lasso device has been installed in some hospitals and nursing homes, and Tan hopes to introduce it to public hospitals in Vietnam as well.

Another startup setting its sights on Vietnam is Acktec Technologies, an edtech company that uses advanced technologies such as virtual reality to develop learning products. We also work with companies such as enrichment centers and kindergartens to convert offline curriculum into online content, allowing parents and children to learn further beyond the school curriculum.

Acktec Technologies has locations in Singapore, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, and Thailand, and is taking its first steps into Vietnam.

“Vietnam’s market size is much larger than Singapore, and parents also value a head start on education and are willing to pay for their children’s education,” said Ray Ban, CEO and founder of Actech.・Mr. Ho (43 years old) says. technology.

Ho said the startup’s team is conducting market research and looking for business partners, adding that the GIA program will facilitate startups’ physical visits to Vietnam to better understand the local market. He added that he had done so.

Gustavo Liu, 42, quit his job as a banker after 11 years in 2018 to start Rescale Lab. At the time, many aspiring entrepreneurs joined accelerators, but few were selected due to lack of access to integrated resources and knowledge.

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