Fintech and banking: Using technology, AI and marketing…

  • How should banks and fintechs prioritize innovation and remix technology to build brands?
  • What are the benefits of niche banking and repackaging or rewrapping?
  • How will banks leverage the potential of AI in 2024?

From the potential of AI to the rapidly evolving demands of commercial and banking customers, banks and fintechs are “remixing” existing services, optimizing technology, and building engaging new customer experiences. We need to shift gears internally to support our customers with compelling brands and services. Data-driven marketing.

By combining the best of different solutions, technologies, financial institutions, and fintechs, we can create better customer experiences without starting from scratch, speeding up innovation cycles and lowering costs. Masu.
When new experiences are built on modern core banking systems and clear branding is supported by smart marketing, customer engagement will deepen, consumption of fintech services will increase, and ultimately banks and fintech It would be a win-win for both sides of tech.

Innovation can be achieved through niche banking. This concept has become more prominent in the United States than in Europe. As long as traditional lenders have a good product to offer, what niche banking allows is to repackage it under a new wrapper to make it relevant to an entirely new market.

Remixing traditional banking services and products with new wrappers creates new businesses and brands, and opportunities to target new audiences.
Add to that the seemingly limitless potential of AI and the ability to remix, think and execute more agilely in a variety of ways, from how you serve your customers to how you use data in real time to how you market. will definitely accelerate. efficient and effective.

There are different ways to approach innovation. The quickest and most cost-effective way to start is with what you have on hand, which you can reuse, reshape, deploy, and creatively market to deliver new exponential value to the market. It’s about considering different methods.

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  • Jane Cooper – researcher, Finestra [Moderator]

  • Liz High – Practice Lead, Financial Services; Metia
  • Karen Quinn – Senior Director of Brand & Corporate Communications finastra
  • Aleda Demaria – Executive Vice President of Consumer Banking and Operations; people’s bank

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