Elon Musk warns big tech AI giants that “civilization is in danger” | World News

Technology mogul Elon Musk has warned that society is at risk as the battle against Big Tech AI intensifies.

Elon Musk (Reuters)

A social media user on X (formerly Twitter) sparked a discussion about alleged collusion between Big Tech and AI giants, suggesting that the two companies are working together to form a government-protected cartel. Users argued that despite their outward differences, these companies share the same ideology, agenda, and plans, leaving no room for true differentiation.

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“And they are lobbying very hard as a group to set up a government-protected cartel and lock up their common agenda and corrupt products for decades to come,” the user wrote.

“The only viable alternatives are Elon, startups, and open source. All of these are under concerted attack by pressure groups aligned with the same large corporations in Washington, DC, the UK, and Europe, and their defenders are Almost none,” the user added.

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This post quickly attracted attention and resonated with many people involved.

One user commented: “The risks are high. We need to fight.”

“Certainly, our entire civilization is at stake,” Musk, who is active on his social media platform X, responded.

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Musk has expressed similar concerns in the past, highlighting the risk of population collapse as a pressing threat to humanity.

Last year he wrote, “Most people think there are too many people on the planet, but this is actually an outdated idea.

“Assuming we have a benevolent future with AI, I think the biggest problem facing the world in 20 years is population collapse.”

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