How to invest in Big Tech’s AI chatbot craze

What better way to capitalize on this fad than by investing in the world’s top chatbots?

When ChatGPT launched in November 2022, it was such a novel platform that many wondered if it could be replicated. But then, less than a year later, all the big tech companies are launching their own AI chatbots.and it shows what we think A very investable fad.

What we are currently seeing in the development of AI chatbots is a real gold rush. And it’s driven by the world’s largest and most powerful corporations.

alphabet (Google), a $1.7 trillion search giant with $120 billion in cash on its balance sheet, has developed an in-house AI chatbot, Bard, which is already integrated into Google Search and Google Cloud.

apple (AAPL) – the $2.7 trillion iPhone maker with $166 billion in cash – is spending millions of dollars a day on advancing language models at scale in hopes of creating a more advanced version of Siri. It is reported that there are.

Amazon (AMZN) – a $1.4 trillion retail giant with $64 billion in cash – has poured $4 billion into Anthropic, a top startup with world-leading AI chatbot technology.

during this week, meta (meta) – a $775 billion social media giant with $53 billion in cash – plans to launch a series of “character AI chatbots,” each featuring a unique personality.

And of course, microsoft (MSFT) – a $2.4 billion computing giant with $111 billion in cash – owns a huge stake in OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT.

The world’s largest companies, with trillion-dollar valuations and hundreds of billions of dollars in cash, are “all in” on the AI ​​chatbot craze.

That’s because AI chatbots are the future. They will soon become ubiquitous.

AI chatbots: Answer modern questions with modern solutions

Perhaps the philosopher Peter Abelard put it best when he wrote, “The master key to knowledge is indeed persistent and frequent questioning.”

In fact, recent research suggests that humans have over 6,000 thoughts a day. And most of those thoughts constitute questions.

Are you overwatering your plants? Are there any interesting events happening near you this week? Which Netflix show should you watch tonight? How do you fix a broken door handle?

Today, we rely on Google, ask our friends, and seek out industry experts to find answers to our questions. (I myself learned a lot in the aisles of home improvement stores.)

However, we believe that within a few years, we will be able to answer all these questions using AI chatbots.

Popular AI chatbots like ChatGPT exist to answer common questions. But even more interesting is the emergence of industry-specific chatbots that provide more comprehensive answers to specialized questions.

Imagine a near future where AI chatbots can handle everything.

AI chatbot for auto repair. One is for residential renovation and construction. The other one is for gardening. We’ll probably see AI chatbots for cooking, AI chatbots for cleaning, AI chatbots for sports, music, movies, etc.

This future is being built right now.

The last word

Meta’s character chatbot, scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow, is a big step towards this AI-driven future.

The technology company has developed dozens of AI personality chatbots with unique traits, traits, and knowledge. Examples include Bob the Robot, a smart and cheeky robot with a farcical sense of humor, and Alvin the Alien, an alien chatbot interested in learning more about humans. there is.

Of course, Meta differentiates these chatbots by training them using different datasets and different parameters. This creates chatbots that are more specific, relevant, and human-like than just a modified version of Google.

We believe this is a glimpse into a future where there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of chatbots, each with its own personality and abilities. And they all work together to answer any questions we raise.

That’s the future Microsoft envisions, as well as Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, and Meta.

That’s why they’re pouring billions into the AI ​​chatbot craze.

And that’s why you should invest with them.

What better way to capitalize on this fad than by investing in the world’s top chatbots?

On the date of publication, Luke Rango did not have (directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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