10 top technology companies in Dublin

Ireland’s coastal capital, Dublin is home to a wide range of high-tech start-ups and established industry names from sectors such as IT, software and gaming. Ireland is home to well over 100,000 information, communications and technology professionals, a number that has steadily increased in recent years. Dublin’s reputation as an international technology hub, attracting both business and talent, is contributing to its growth. Here are the top companies taking advantage of the city’s growing technology industry.

Top technology companies in Dublin

  • work human
  • sojourn
  • Udemy
  • tick tock
  • Zoom video communication
  • ServiceNow
  • data dog
  • toast
  • 2K

10 top technology companies in Dublin

industry: HR tech

Workhuman creates SaaS products to help companies foster healthy work cultures and improve employee productivity. Recognizing that people give their best when they feel seen, WorkHuman’s platform helps companies solve their human capital management challenges by providing engagement tools such as performance reviews and service milestone tracking. The process is designed to strengthen and build your internal culture.

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Industry: adtech, cloud, software, travel, hospitality

Sojern’s technology solutions are designed to accelerate the marketing efforts of travel and hospitality businesses such as hotels and tourist attractions. We also offer AI-powered tools aimed at creating a better guest experience. For example, Sojern says its AI smart concierge, which automatically answers a guest’s more than 1,000 common questions, allows businesses to respond quickly to guest needs while reducing front desk calls. Masu.

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industry: edtech

Udemy is an online course marketplace where users can purchase access to thousands of self-paced virtual skill classes. Many users access Udemy courses for professional development, while others want to gain or expand a specific skill set for personal growth. Skill areas include web development, leadership, data science, and communications. Classes are conducted by professional instructors in his over 75 languages.

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industry: digital media

TikTok is a video hosting service and social media site that allows users to create, upload, and display short mobile videos and grow their following. TikTok is known for its viral content and the direct monetization opportunities that come with it, making it a hub for marketing departments as well as individual influencers.

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Industry: cloud, information technology, productivity

Zoom is a video collaboration platform that provides businesses with the tools to make work-from-home and other remote collaboration arrangements an integral part of their workflow. Its features include its namesake virtual meetings, as well as team chat, a virtual workspace, an appointment scheduler, and an online whiteboard for sharing notes and resources.

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ReferencesTop technology companies in Bristol

Industry: software, productivity

ServiceNow is a software company that creates cloud-based workflow platforms for enterprise clients. Offering everything from customer service to security operations, ServiceNow’s purpose is to enable businesses to seamlessly integrate the management of various core business functions into one operational platform.

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industry: cloud, software

Datadog creates software that IT teams can use to monitor and secure cloud applications. Its platform collects data from a company’s online interactions, including servers and databases, and third-party applications and services, and compiles that information into one internal dataset for optimization and threat assessment. Scan.

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industry: cloud, food, hospitality, software

Toast is a cloud-based restaurant management platform that includes a POS service. It can be adapted to any type of foodservice business, from in-person transactions and tableside service at kiosks to contactless options such as advance takeout ordering and third-party integration with app delivery services. The platform is fully customizable and includes analytics and reporting features.

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industry: game

Video game company 2K employs engineers, developers, graphic designers, and other creative and technical professionals to create and publish games for console, PC, and mobile platforms. He is in charge of popular franchise titles such as. NBA 2K, borderlands, PGA Tour 2K and mafia.

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