Maritime technology company Polestar acquires Stratum Five

Pole Star Global, a data insights and intelligence technology provider, has acquired StratumFive, another maritime technology software provider.

Polestar said the acquisition agreement is a “natural progression” that brings two maritime technology companies together under one umbrella.

StratumFive’s Podium5 product is key to the acquisition decision. The “award-winning voyage information platform” will support Polestar’s existing tracking, compliance and route optimization technology.

“The Podium5 platform leverages previously acquired FleetWeather capabilities, which have a proven track record of improving vessel performance and safety through advanced model-based route optimization,” Pole Star said. Masu.

The acquisition not only strengthens Polestar’s existing products, but also advances the company’s efforts in emissions tracking and planning.

Bob Skeer, CEO of Polestar, said: The Podium5 platform not only strengthens our capabilities in critical voyage analysis, but also accelerates our efforts in ship emissions transparency and planning. This is important to enable reliable partners across maritime networks. ”

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StratumFive founder Stuart Nichols and current CEO Ross Martin will both join Pole Star Global in newly created roles to “ensure continuity for our customers and partners.” It is unclear how long Mr. Nichols and Mr. Martin plan to serve in these roles.

Nichols said: “This partnership allows us to accelerate the development of innovative solutions that will further transform the maritime industry. Together, we will continue to provide the best-in-class service and support that our customers expect.”

Martin added: “Our work in this space through the development of Podium has shown us that it is a game-changer for decision-making. We are excited to work with Polestar to drive digital prosperity across industries. I’m very excited about it.”

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