These K-12 schools use asset tracking technology to save money and reduce risk

Modern asset management tools help streamline processes

Several vendors offer robust asset management solutions.

ServiceNow’s IT Asset Management can automate IT lifecycle processes and minimize repetitive tasks and wasted resources. Flexera One enables users to visualize their entire technology estate, from on-premises to software as a service to the cloud. Certero’s software asset management also provides complete visibility into the state of your software, giving you control over license management and software governance.

Tools like these can help raise the bar for cybersecurity efforts in K-12 schools. “By constantly seeing and understanding all your software, when vulnerabilities become known, you can immediately know if you are at risk and to what extent you could be affected. ” Certero said in a blog post.

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School IT leaders say these modern capabilities are a must in the era of one-to-one computing. This is especially true for Moore Public Schools.

“Tracking network equipment such as switches and access points is bound by state requirements and federal requirements such as E-rates,” says Jun Kim. “School districts need to track everything from refrigerators to furniture, hotspots to large servers and journalism cameras. When you plug it in and it lights up, you have to track it.”

Previously, Moore District, like most school districts, used multiple, mostly manual methods to track IT assets. Kim said this was tedious and labor-intensive, and there was no easy way to report it. When the 2013 tornado hit, the paperwork on thousands of systems was literally blown away.

Incident IQ (iiQ) “streamlined the process,” he says. “When someone submits a request to purchase a device, our system is used to tie it to the purchase of that equipment. Once the equipment is brought in, the same ticket number is used to process the equipment. , ready for deployment. Thanks to the information available on iiQ, devices can be tracked using multiple filtering options such as order number, date of purchase, and location.”

Modernizing your school’s asset management system can also save you money. Flexera’s 2023 ITAM report found that using modern tools to manage software assets, 11 percent of respondents realized profits of $25 million or more, and 39 percent realized $1 million We realized $10 million in savings and cost avoidance.”

Ford said this was the case for her team. She says iiQ has saved her money by eliminating redundant and underused software. These additional funds will facilitate the purchase of tools and prepare the district for future asset management success.

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