10 Best Restaurant POS Systems for Winter 2024

Compared to POS systems such as Square, Clover POS Pricing is very complex.

Clover offers a total of six hospitality-focused hardware and software plans: Starter, Standard, and Advanced Quick Service Dining packages. Starter, Standard and Advanced full-service dining packages.

Clover Quick Service Dining Starter Plan Price $100 per month Includes a mini 8-inch POS and retails for Counter Service Restaurant and Quick Service Standard plans. $140 per month Includes Clover’s Station Duo, receipt printer, and cash drawer.Quick Service Advanced Plan Prices $190/month Additionally, it includes the same hardware as the Standard tier with an additional handheld Flex POS.

All quick service plans include a counter service restaurant software package.

Clover also offers full-service dining packages for restaurants. The full-service starter plan is $160 per month Includes the cost of Station Solo POS and its full-service Advanced Plan $210 per month Includes Station Solo POS and Flex POS.Finally, the cost of Clover’s most robust hospitality package “Clover Full-Service Advanced” $310 per monthStation Solo POS, Flex POS, and Station Duo POS.

All full-service dining packages include a table service restaurant software package.

POS devices are very expensive, with a full kit of Clover hardware costing between $799 and $1,399. So if you choose that route, make sure you can afford it.

Clover’s packages are more expensive than most of the other providers on this list, but all packages include software and hardware options. This eliminates the need to buy expensive hardware elsewhere and justifies the provider’s prices to some extent.We also offer clover 30-day free trialyou can try out the system before signing the contract.

check us out Square vs Clover Guide Check out our free resource for a quick breakdown of Clover’s pricing compared to Square. POS price comparison tool See how Clover compares to other POS systems.

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