New Event Tech Tools for February 2024

In case you missed it:
The 56th annual CES trade show showcased new tech inventions, eye-catching activations, and flashy experiences from brands like Pinterest, Reddit, Google, and Walmart. The BizBash team was on site. Check out our roundup of the cutting-edge technology and innovative exhibit designs we’ve found.

Turn on the spotlight…
CNC Agency (formerly Coffee ‘n Clothes), a full-service experiential collective, has launched its newest business division, the CNC Innovation Lab. This new service works with clients to create physics-first experiences that integrate emerging technologies such as AI, virtual and mixed reality, augmented reality, gaming, and wearables. Through the lab, CNC aims to create immersive environments using AI-generated graphics, advanced projection mapping, digital beacons that can personalize guest journeys, and creative engineering such as robotic installations and fiber optic displays. .

“As we move into the frontier of AI, what differentiates us is not just being AI-first, but our commitment to being idea-first in the experiential marketing space,” explains CNC founder Ryan Glick. did. “In an era when traditional events are evolving, the fusion of technology and creativity opens new possibilities for brands. We ensure that creative ideas are supported and strengthened.”

Other events to watch this month Technology
To improve wayfinding in large shows
Event technology platform Swapcard and interactive floor plan provider ExpoFP have announced a new strategic partnership. This collaboration integrates event technology software with digital floor planning and wayfinding. This means all exhibitor information is automatically updated and attendees always have access to the most up-to-date floor plan, eliminating the need to contact your support team every time there’s a change to your floor. Planning and exhibitor information, etc. This system also helps increase revenue through page promotions, strategically placed ads, sponsored sessions, and push notifications.

“Given the constraints of the post-pandemic situation and reduced marketing budgets, event organizers understand the importance of making smart financial decisions,” said Ross Sudentas, CEO of ExpoFP. ” he said. “That’s why we encourage all event organizers to use our sponsorship options. ExpoFP is more than just an interactive map. Our platform provides post-event analysis about the most popular exhibitors, as well as It offers features like plotted routes to help you make data-driven decisions.”

To predict event attendance
Event marketing technology company Splash has introduced Attendance Insights, an AI tool trained by hundreds of thousands of events hosted on the platform over the past five years. Through machine learning, the tool creates accurate attendance forecasts and strategic recommendations based on the past performance of a customer’s event and the performance of comparable events for other customers. Data points such as event type and format, page views, email engagement, guest list size, and days leading up to the event also contribute to attendance analysis results.

“Over the past year, marketers have introduced dozens of generative AI tools to help power everything from event agendas to content creation to promotional efforts. , it’s not really helping event professionals make money indoors,” said Splash CMO Kate Hammitt. “Splash is changing this with Attendance Insights, the events industry’s first predictive AI tool. It gives event marketers the power to understand the data behind their programs and leverage that data to help their organizations lead their events. It will be easier to understand how to accelerate your growth.”

How to book a sustainable stay
BeCause, a technology startup aiming to transform the way the global hospitality, travel and tourism industry manages sustainability data, has announced an expanded partnership with online marketplace and booking platform Hubli. This partnership will enable Hubli to add a growing list of over 25,000 eco-labelled hotels to the platform, giving clients a better understanding of their hotels’ environmental footprint and ensuring compliance with environmental, social and governance policies. You will now be able to reserve options.

Using the BeCause Sustainability API, Hubli collects sustainability data from over 60 Travalyst certified certifications and automatically maps it to hotels in the platform in real time, including energy and water consumption and other attributes. will be able to provide valuable data. Ciaran Delaney, founder and CEO of Hubli, said: “We help global companies make team meetings faster and easier in the most cost-effective and sustainable way possible.” We are excited to automate and scale sustainable hotel content around the world.”

To speed up session descriptions
Event software company PheedLoop has introduced a new AI-powered integration that streamlines the session description process for event planners. AI Generate helps planners create compelling and informative explanations. Planners simply enter a few prompts, and the AI ​​algorithm turns them into session descriptions tailored to specific events. AI Summarize, on the other hand, compresses redundant or difficult-to-understand content and extracts key points without losing important details.

In the future, PheedLoop plans to add more AI features to the dashboard, including ways to create and summarize announcement descriptions, exhibitor descriptions, speaker descriptions, and more. “We are excited about the possibilities ahead as PheedLoop’s AI journey unfolds,” the team said in a recent blog post. “The marriage of human creativity and AI-driven efficiency is redefining the event planning landscape. With each update, PheedLoop empowers event planners to make tasks more manageable and fun. And ultimately, we aim to make them more successful.”

Latest updates, funding and merger news
Performance improvement solutions company One10 LLC has acquired First Lorandus Global Inc., an Ontario-based leader in virtual, hybrid and in-person events and incentive travel. The 16-year-old Canadian company will now be known as Lorandus, A One10 Company. This investment will enable the expansion of the One10 brand and its unique incentive and recognition technology, while supporting Rolandas’ desire to expand the suite of products it offers to its customer base.

HeadBox, a UK-based B2B digital events platform, has hired Karen Hutchings as a director to support its continued growth and help the business prepare to expand into new regional markets. Mr Hutchings previously served as Global Head of Travel, Meetings and Events at EY.

Valor Hospitality Partners has partnered with technology company DailyPay to offer on-demand pay benefits to U.S. employees known as “Hotelitarians.” This collaboration gives employees real-time access to their earnings, allowing them to more effectively manage their finances by paying bills, saving, and investing on their own schedule.

Globespan Travel Management has selected Vindow, a marketplace for sellers and buyers of contracted hotel accommodations, to manage all of its temporary and group hotel sourcing. Vindow’s user-friendly interface and machine learning capabilities enable travel managers to extract insights into traveler sentiment and expected trends, making it easier for travel managers to choose the best destinations and accommodations. This makes it easier to negotiate and manage large enterprises. temporary program.

Simantel, a marketing agency serving B2B brands, announced a partnership with Captello, a leading provider of lead generation and event engagement solutions. Through this partnership, Symantel will further strengthen its capabilities by providing event lead generation solutions for brands that use events to attract new customer attention.

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