Everything announced at Samsung is unboxed: S24 phone, Galaxy AI and one surprise revealed

Samsung started the year with its first major smartphone event of 2024. The debut of Samsung’s latest smartphones, the Galaxy S24 series with specs and camera upgrades, as well as on-device generated AI, was the main focus for today’s Galaxy. Decompressed event. However, Samsung announced an unexpected product at the end of his Unpacked. It’s the health-tracking Galaxy Ring, a new Samsung device that doesn’t yet have an official release date.

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As usual at Samsung’s first event of the year, the company’s flagship phone, the S24, took center stage. The company’s S series phones rival Apple’s iPhone and are often the first to debut new mobile technologies found in other premium Android devices launching later this year.

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Galaxy S24 brings AI, brighter screen, and more

In 2024, that new technology is generative AI. This gained worldwide attention when his ChatGPT debuted in late 2022 and technology companies rushed to integrate it into their products and services. Late last year, Qualcomm revealed that its Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip would come with on-device generated AI capabilities, and the Galaxy S24 series will be some of the first phones to launch with that silicon. Become.

The S24 series combines on-device and cloud-based generative AI called Galaxy AI to perform new tricks. We’ve seen things like live translation before, which suggests different tones for text messages or expands photos beyond their original background. Other new features include converting normal speed video into slow motion by generating frames between recordings.

Galaxy S24 Ultra in multiple colors Galaxy S24 Ultra in multiple colors

Galaxy S24 Ultra is available in four colors.

John Kim/CNET

The S24 series also features more conventional upgrades over the previous generation, especially the top-of-the-line model. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is more premium, replacing the aluminum frame with a titanium body and replacing the 10-megapixel 10x optical zoom camera with a 50-megapixel 5x optical zoom camera for sharper distance photos. Masu. It also comes with only 12GB of RAM (no 8GB option). These improvements bring the base price to $1,300 (£1,249, AU$2,199), a $100 increase over last year’s S23 Ultra.

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The standard S24 and S24 Plus haven’t received much of an upgrade, but their screens are 0.1 inches larger than last year’s (6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, respectively). The S24 Plus features a Quad HD Plus resolution display (same as the S24 Ultra), which provides a sharper image than the previous generation’s HD Plus screen. The batteries are slightly larger, with the S24 having a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh (an increase of 100 mAh) and the S24 Plus having a capacity of 4,900 mAh (an increase of 200 mAh).

Samsung is expanding its sustainability efforts, adding more recycled materials such as cobalt in batteries and rare earths in speakers. Additionally, the Galaxy S24 smartphone will receive seven years’ worth of Android and security updates, allowing owners to continue using the smartphone until 2031.


The Samsung Galaxy S24 starts at $800 (£799, AU$1,399) and the S24 Plus starts at $1,000 (£999, AU$1,699), the same price as last year’s phones. Prices for the S24 Ultra start at $1,300, up from $1,200 for his S23 Ultra last year. There’s a $100 price increase because the materials have been changed, presumably to make it more durable.

Now Samsung has also lowered the prices of its older phones, dropping last year’s Galaxy S23 to $700 and the Galaxy S23 FE to $600.

samsung galaxy ring samsung galaxy ring

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Ring at its Unpacked 2024 event.

Screenshot via Samsung/CNET

One more thing…

And to conclude the event, Samsung revealed several new features coming to Samsung Health to improve sleep tracking and other health metrics. But the big story at the end was the unveiling of the Galaxy Ring, which will likely be equipped with surveillance sensors. Protect your health throughout the day.

Samsung hasn’t said much about the gadget, including price or release date, so we don’t know much about how it compares to rivals such as the Oura Ring, but we expect to learn more about the Galaxy Ring soon. Masu.

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What happened at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event?

Look at this: Everything announced at Samsung’s Galaxy S24 unboxing event

Samsung announced its next-generation Galaxy S24 phone on January 17th. Keeping in mind his upcoming AI-powered features, the media invitation said he was looking forward to Samsung’s “most intelligent mobile experience ever.” The in-person event was held in San Jose, California and streamed on Samsung’s YouTube channel.

CNET had on-the-ground coverage of the event and hosted its own watch party to react and analyze the revelations and surprises.

Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus are made of aluminum and look great

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