IETC: An active technology strategy for superior performance

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The active vs. passive debate rages on. In general, active strategies are more likely to outperform passive strategies in more volatile environments. We could be in that phase. So if you’re still bullish on technology (I’m not), I recommend iShares.

Markets are not as efficient as conventional wisdom would have you believe. A gap often appears between market signals and investor reactions, and this helps indicate whether we are in a “risk-on” or “risk-off” environment.

of Lead lag report Gain an edge in reading the market and make asset allocation decisions based on award-winning research. I’ll give you a signal – go on the offensive (i.e. add exposure to risky assets such as stocks when risk is “on”) or go defensive (i.e. add more conservative assets) It’s up to you to decide whether to lean towards it or not. as bonds/cash if risk is “off”).

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