From holographic to 5G black boxes: startups take center stage at MWC/4YFN 2024

The big Mobile World Congress (MWC) is back in Barcelona.

The event has historically focused on mobile phone manufacturers, carriers and network providers, but has evolved with IoT to encompass wearables, innovative urban solutions, robotics, mobility and more.

The event also includes sister events. 4YFN Recruitment Get a glimpse of the future with thousands of innovative startups.

This year, I opted for a remote experience and saved my legs during the annual week of sprawling pavilions and endless conferences.

Here are some of the coolest startups showcasing their products in Barcelona this week.

Showy (Spain)

Showers in most homes are inaccessible or unsafe for many people.

Showy is an EcoSmart shower that transforms the shower experience for people with disabilities, mobility issues, or who are at risk of falling.

shower It accommodates both physical and mobility disabilities, as well as intellectual and sensory disabilities.

The hardware comes with receptacles for dispensing soap and shampoo, and a digital interface provides automated programs for wetting, soaping, and drying through touch or voice commands.

Phine.tech (Austria)

fine tech is an Austria-based 5G startup that aims to simplify 5G by opening it up. 5G black box (virtual 5G lab or sandbox). These create space for hands-on exploration, learning and testing automation, and use case development.

Levelab (Spain)

Whether you’re switching from in-classroom to virtual instruction or starting virtually, it costs money to get started.

level lab is a student-centered platform for hands-on learning. Complements training in tools such as Photoshop, Blender, and AutoCad.

Provide an online work environment that gamifies content to increase student engagement and adjust content according to student progress metrics. It also reduces licensing and equipment costs.

Dinavi Visual (Switzerland)

Image: Dynavi Visual.

dynavisual has developed a patented technology to visualize data on smart textiles. Dynavisual IoT technology (hardware and software) facilitates seamless collection, processing, distribution, and analysis of relevant user data.

Dynavisual Pad displays images and messages in real time and can be integrated into any type of textile. Think fashion shows and exhibitions. I remember when people were trying to make connected name tags a reality.

You need it? No, okay? surely!

Ilmos (Switzerland)

Armos We work to maximize the safe service life of existing buildings and bridges through structural health monitoring.

Its software allows engineers to monitor the structural health of real-world structures, reducing maintenance costs and environmental impact while improving safety.

Users optimize refurbishment costs and prevent business downtime without compromising safety.

Cooling Photonics (Spain)

cooling photonics provides passive cooling solutions that reduce energy without energy consumption or carbon emissions. Nano-engineered coating materials can be spread over surfaces that are hotter than their surroundings and can dissipate heat in the form of infrared radiation to lower temperatures.

Cooling Photonics won the Greenlight Award at Mobile World Congress 2024. The company was founded in 2020 as a spin-off from the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2).

HoloConnect (Netherlands)

HoloConnect is working.

holo connect It shows the effect of increasing size. Developed to enable 3D holographic visualization of people, products, and logos, the company creates immersive holographic demonstrations that include life-sized holograms.

Speakers can quickly record their desired message using the autocue feature, and products (3D and physical) can be displayed along with text and QR codes.

The company offers a variety of custom hardware to fit any space or need, including creating larger holograms of cars, animals, and other content.

Lead image: MWC Barcelona. Photo: No credit.

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