56 Best Fully Remote Jobs to Apply for in April 2024


Amazon, along with Apple, is essentially went to war with the employees Regarding the obligation to return to the office once the lockdown is eased. This prompted thousands of Amazon employees to sign a petition last February, but efforts to overturn the decision ultimately failed.

These are not so noisy times, Amazon currently offers a variety of remote roles For office workers. In fact, the company currently has 107 vacancies listed on its job portal. Here are some of the most interesting.

  • Senior Manager, Professional Services Security Engineer (Florida, USA)
  • Security Manager, AWS Gen AI Security (Seattle, USA)
  • Senior Penetration Testing Engineer, AWS Gen AI Security (Virtual)
  • Head of WW 3P Trade Strategy, Global Trade Services (California, USA)
  • Security Engineer II, Offensive Security Penetration Testing (Washington, USA)
  • Senior Solutions Architect, AWS Clean Room, North Carolina, USA
  • Manager of State and Local Public Policy (Florida, USA)

The Amazon Jobs page helps you find Amazon jobs that match your skill set. You can search for roles that aren’t based in an office by simply selecting “Remote” in the location box, rather than specifying a city or country.

If you’d like to consider non-remote roles at Amazon, we have a separate page for Amazon warehouse jobs. However, the company’s treatment of warehouse staff has been criticized several times in recent years. There is also a worker strike Regularly.

Similar to what you should do with any employer to whom you submit a job application: Work perks and benefits – This is especially important if you are applying to a huge multinational company like Amazon.


OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google AI chatbot Over the past 18 months, NVIDIA has AI chip It’s a market that competitors are looking to take on in the coming months.

Nvidia’s recent commercial success has earned it an eye-watering $2.2 trillion market capitalization. The company recently released a “superchip” that he claims provides 30 times better performance than chips currently installed in servers that AI systems prefer. Chat GPT Keep running – it’s not cheap.

You don’t necessarily have to be an AI expert to join this effort. The company’s job portal features more than 200 fully remote positions for him, including:

  • Senior Software Engineer, Omniverse Developer Infrastructure (New Zealand)
  • Senior Retail Account Manager (Brazil)
  • EMEA OEM Channel Business Development Manager (UK)
  • Senior Staff Supplier Quality Engineer (Mexico)
  • Senior Software Engineer (China)
  • Account Manager, Manufacturing – Inside Sales (US)
  • GPU System Software Engineer (USA)
  • Product Manager, Image Processing Software (USA)

For a complete list of available remote roles, see the following URL: Nvidia – Visit the company’s careers page to find out more about the hundreds of office positions currently available at the company. The company also offers a lot of video content that you can watch to learn more about life at the company.


Microsoft is currently the world’s most valuable company. We currently employ over 220,000 staff. That’s more than employees in Des Moines, Rochester and Salt Lake City.

The company has been busy over the past two years, raising capital to help spearhead the AI ​​revolution. ChatGPT Created by OpenAIAt the same time as developing and releasing our own AI assistant, microsoft copilot.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has taken a more laissez-faire approach to employee work arrangements since the pandemic, at least compared to companies like Apple and Google.

Microsoft typically wants its staff to be in the office at least half the week, but in most cases it’s up to individual managers to make decisions for their teams.

In short, this makes Microsoft one of the best companies to work remotely, with 1,327 remote positions currently available at Microsoft. Here are some things to consider:

  • Principal UX Researcher (Hyderabad, India)
  • Senior Customer Experience Program Manager (Redmond, USA)
  • Technical Program Manager II (Redmond, USA)
  • Principal Forensic Engineer – Data Center Availability (Multiple Locations, US)
  • Industry Advisor (Multiple locations, US)
  • Software Engineer (Atlanta, USA)
  • Principal Artificial Intelligence Silicon Architect (Mountain View, USA)

Visit our Careers page to browse the remaining Microsoft remote jobs available. Be sure to select the “Up to 100% Work from Home” option in the “Workplace” filter.


Netflix is ​​one of the companies that people dream of working for. You can just watch movies all day long, right? Actually, that’s what you do with Netflix’s widely searched role of “tagging.” Watch your movie and tag it with keywords so people can find it.

One Reddit user who claimed his brother was in one of these roles said they tend to pay around $80,000 to $200,000 a year. However, other reports position it as more of a side hustle that can earn around $250 a month.

While the tagger role does exist, there are currently no openings for this type of role on Netflix’s job portal. However, there are many other fully remote roles at Netflix that you can apply for today.

  • Senior Content Designer, Advertising (USA)
  • Privacy Engineer (USA)
  • Engineering Manager, TV Release Quality (US)
  • Staff Product Designer, Member’s Experience (USA)
  • Product Manager, Developer Platform (US)
  • Technical Program Manager, Playback (USA)

For more information on job specifications, please visit the Netflix jobs page. There you will see a complete list of all available roles.


Airbnb, which made a surprise last-minute entry to its April 2024 remote job listings, has a wide range of roles worth considering if you’re looking for work that isn’t tied to an office.

That’s not surprising either. Considering all the hours I worked at Airbnb properties each year, digital nomad Since you’re always on the go, you’d be a little better off if your company didn’t offer something similar to its employees. plus, Airbnb’s CEO is a longtime fan New era work styles such as hybrid and remote work. Here are some of the remote roles available at travel agencies.

  • Tech Lead Manager, Data Science – Algorithms (US)
  • Systems Engineer, Collaboration Products (US)
  • Staff Technical Program Manager, Guest and Host (USA)
  • Staff Technical Program Manager, Payments (US)
  • Strategic Finance and Analytics Intern, EMEA (US)
  • Staff Web UX Engineer, Client Products and Emerging Technologies (US)
  • Payment Risk Supervisor (India)

One of the best parts about working at Airbnb is that the company gives its staff a $2,000 travel allowance to spend whenever they want. Airbnb also offers a much more generous parental leave program than most companies offer, including 10 weeks of vacation and an additional 12 weeks of reduced hours, both fully paid. Check out all available remote roles on Airbnb’s jobs page.

sales force

If you work in an industry where customer relationship management is important, you’ve probably heard things like: sales force. This versatile CRM platform has over 70,000 employees and has grown extremely rapidly since the pandemic.

Salesforce isn’t known for being as flexible as remote working arrangements like Airbnb, but CEO Marc Benioff Last year, he revealed that he’s been a “long-time remote worker,” so at least he knows his boss is on his side.

Salesforce has open roles on teams that cover customer engagement, research, development and strategy, real estate and facilities management, and user experience, just to name a few. More than 240 of our current open positions are fully remote. Here are our picks:

  • Senior Technical Architect (Dresden, Germany)
  • Senior Solution Engineer (Indonesia)
  • Engagement Manager (Colombia)
  • Senior Solutions Consultant (New York, USA)
  • Regional Sales Director (Florida, USA)
  • Legal trainee (Paris, fixed-term contract)
  • Policy Manager (Indonesia)
  • senior incident responder

To learn more about our 200+ open positions, visit our Salesforce Careers page and enter “remote” in the keyword search bar.


Japanese multinational technology company Sony is best known for its PlayStation game consoles and other world-famous consumer electronics. The company also owns and manages the commercial rights to music giants such as the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan and Lady Gaga.

Sony has a 4/5 Glassdoor rating from former and current employees, with some pointing out that the company’s pension contributions are above average. Others have revealed that Sony employees can buy and sell vacation whenever they want, meaning they can take home extra money in exchange for vacation.

Sony’s job portal is a little confusing compared to other big companies on this list. I found that I had to select several different options to view available remote jobs in the US. Despite my concerns, here are some of the most interesting job openings I found.

  • Director of Data Products and Architecture (Virginia, USA)
  • Research Intern (NLP/ML, Multimodal, Knowledge Graph) (California, USA)
  • College Live Ops Coordinator (Alabama, USA)
  • Privacy Attorney (fixed term) (San Diego, California)
  • Deep Generative Modeling Research Intern (U.S., multiple locations)
  • Internship – Speech Processing and Machine Learning (Multiple locations, US/Japan)

This concludes our list of the best fully remote jobs available in April 2024. We wish you the best of luck with your application.

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