How a company’s technical staff can benefit from a managed service provider

Managed service provider oversees technology hardware

Trident’s MSP configured each laptop, distributed one to each remote worker, and helped staff migrate to Microsoft 365, including Outlook email. This was important because most of Trident’s clients and many federal agencies are standardizing on Microsoft 365, he says.

After proving MSP’s value during the pilot, Trident executives signed it to a month-to-month contract. MSP provides his 24/7 help desk support by phone and email. If necessary, the provider’s support team can remotely connect to the employee’s computer for troubleshooting.

MSPs protect your laptops by remotely monitoring their health, applying important software updates and patches, and ensuring your antivirus software is up to date. If a notebook needs to be replaced, the MSP sends a new notebook to the employee and the employee sends the old one back, he says.

Overall, Trident is happy with the process. When outsourcing, the company pays a monthly subscription rather than a large sum for the computer, making it more affordable. It also allows Galendez to focus on client support rather than help desk support.

“Most small businesses use billable hours to generate revenue. Without MSP, they would be billing less work, and that’s not good for business,” he says. . “Overall, we’re happy with it. We think this is the future of small businesses.”

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How to stay on the cutting edge of technology

Shortly after Staal joined the Bears, the team began planning updates to its IT infrastructure. One of the things he said the team was looking for in the project was simplicity. The Bears relied on different vendors for different hardware to build their infrastructure. This created multiple potential points of failure and complicated the process for getting support.

Ultimately, the Bears’ IT team settled on a hyperconverged infrastructure solution from Nutanix to meet their evolving compute and storage needs while simplifying management. The experience of 2017 simplified our plans for the next refresh earlier this year. The team decided to replace the equipment with his latest Nutanix hardware. This adds several new features for security and management, as well as upgraded processing power and memory.

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“They want to have a cloud-like experience like what they get with AWS and Azure,” said Ken Viggiano, lead solution architect for hybrid infrastructure at CDW, who worked on both the Bears’ 2017 and 2023 renewals. I hope so.” “Essentially, what we did was simplify the infrastructure.”

The team also takes both cyber and physical security very seriously. When we expanded and upgraded our corporate headquarters facility, Halas Hall, in 2019, CDW helped install a variety of security cameras and physical access controls. And to ensure we have state-of-the-art recovery capabilities, we have once again partnered with his CDW to deploy a Druva solution for backing up both on-premises and virtual machines.

The Bears and CDW share a vision to maintain and grow the team’s position as a league leader when it comes to technology. “They have needs, and we have experts in all of these categories: data center, networking, security, cloud, application replatforming,” he says. “We have all these engineers and experts.”

Stahl says the strategy is working: “I’m really proud of the fact that we’re at the forefront of innovation in terms of technology.”

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