China’s spy balloons use US technology, report says

In early 2023, Chinese “weather balloons” made more than their fair share of headlines as they flew over Canadian airspace, as well as Alaska and lower Interstate 48. A preliminary multi-agency investigation into one of the balloons shot down off the coast of South Carolina in February has revealed what was inside. The Wall Street Journal said an investigation found the balloons were filled with American technology. In other words, these were not just weather balloons, as China claims, but spy devices using technology from the countries they were spying on.

News of these seemingly low-tech but high-altitude balloons drifting silently across the continental United States became public knowledge in January and February of this year. This was the first time knowledge of these balloons was widely discussed in media reports, but it turns out that China has been floating these devices across the United States since the days of President Donald Trump. Furthermore, subsequent investigations revealed that similar Chinese balloons had flown over territories including Europe and Asia.

What was inside the balloon?

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