40% of APJ Partners Will Deliver AI/ML Solutions in the Next Two Years: Report, ETCIO SEA

Earlier this year, TD SYNNEX (NYSE: SNX) released its second Technology Direction Report, which surveyed more than 550 technology resellers. This report provides an insight into how technology partners are addressing changing technology and market challenges and identifies five key trends that will impact stakeholders across the global technology space over the next few years. revealed.

Today, TD SYNNEX’s Tech Data launched a supplement focused on Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ). The report’s findings outline the voices of partners in the region and highlight their performance, strategies and expectations for 2024 and beyond.

“The Technology Directions report reflects the voice of our partners,” said Jaideep Malhotra, President, Tech Data APJ. “It serves as a valuable resource, providing a snapshot of the evolving technology landscape and the pulse of the ecosystem. Tech Data is at the heart of the technology ecosystem, helping partners achieve business model agility. We are dedicated to enabling them to achieve this and build the capabilities essential to their success in the marketplace.”

Key findings in Asia Pacific and Japan

1. 40% of partners plan to offer artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) solutions in the next two years. AI/ML is a growing revenue driver for partners, with the percentage increasing to his 35%.

2. 62% of partners plan to expand their technology and solution offerings.

3. Cybersecurity and infrastructure are at the forefront of customers’ purchasing decisions – Security was the top-selling technology for 63% of partners.

4. Cybersecurity and networking expertise is a key priority for partners – Almost 50% of partners cite cybersecurity certifications and standards as a key investment area.

5. Partners’ business models are prioritizing flexible consumption and moving towards services. While IP revenue increases to his 9%, hardware remains the main business driver.

6. 63% of partners believe increased competition and margin pressure are key challenges, and 59% cite credit and financial scalability as a challenge they currently face.

7. 79% of partners expect future growth.

These findings highlight the strong stability within the channel. Agility continues to be important for business customers as well as business customers as companies deal with multiple disruptors, including both regular cycles of change and unprecedented disruption. Emerging technologies like AI and cybersecurity tools are built on established products, so partners are critical to ensuring a strong, secure foundation and guiding customers to high-growth products.

  • Published December 6, 2023 5:30 AM IST

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