Dasara’s high-tech mobile security

Mysuru: Mysuru Police assistance is just a few minutes away, providing support and enforcement in troubled areas. In this Dasara, a full-fledged mobile command center vehicle will be on his 24-hour basis to respond to any emergencies. And this state-of-the-art command center will be used for the first time during Dasara.

The command center will be useful for monitoring especially during big events like Dasara and VVIP visits. A command center, equivalent to 1,000 eyes in a large area (a high-tech vehicle with all the functions of a police control room), moves and is stationed at every location to capture all the action. I am stationed there.

The mobile facility, costing $2.16 billion, can reach a range of about 1 kilometer, which will help in monitoring during larger events and happenings. The center has a total of 19 cameras, including four around the mobile unit, four jacket cameras, and one drone camera. He has only four such command center vehicles in Karnataka. Bengaluru has two such centers, Mysuru has one and the twin city of Hubballi-Dharwad has one such center.

DCP (Law and Order) Directed by N. Vishnuvardhana
Personnel monitoring images inside the command center vehicle.

A law enforcement official trained to operate the mobile command center said the task force can effectively carry out the work of more than 50 police personnel on the ground. He said it would be easy to remain vigilant against the activities of unscrupulous actors, especially during large gatherings.

Mistral Solutions, a technology design and systems engineering firm that provides end-to-end surveillance services, is developing the technology for the command center and also training selected law enforcement personnel in its operations and reporting.

Officers operate a drone camera (circled) that is part of the command center.

Currently, there are three operators responsible for 24/7 monitoring. Nagesh of VV Puram station, Raghu of Mandi Mohalla and Mayanna of Vijayanagar police station. This mobile unit will be driven by his ASI Sardar of the City Armed Reserve.

The command center vehicle is equipped with four fixed cameras and one zoom camera on top, which can capture images and footage up to a radius of one kilometer. Photos and live footage can be relayed to the control room of the City Police Commissioner’s Office. Additionally, if emergency rescue is required within minutes, information can be passed on to the respective police department.

There are four body-worn cameras that can capture images and video as officers move through certain areas. These high-resolution cameras can also capture footage with a range of up to 1 kilometer. Apart from this, the command center has a drone camera that can take high-resolution photos of the ground situation even from a height of 300 meters and can cover a distance of half a kilometer.

The multi-purpose vehicle can accommodate 30 police personnel at a time. “The main advantage of this high-tech vehicle is that it allows us to see who is causing trouble in a particular area and helps us trace everyone involved. Based on photos and footage taken at the command center, Case files can be created on such people,” the police officer said.

This Dasara, command center vehicle will be used at places where maximum footfall is expected, such as Yuva Dasara, Vijayadashami processions and torchlight parades.

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