Eyes in the sky!High-tech mobile drone vehicle to enhance surveillance operations of Lucknow Police

representative image

representative image

Uttar Pradesh’s urban police departments often rely on drone surveillance, especially during crowded events. As part of ramping up drone surveillance operations in the city, Lucknow Police plans to induct advanced mobile drone vehicles (MDVs).

Notably, this specialized vehicle-assisted drone, coupled with advanced facial recognition technology, provides an impressive flight time of 10 hours. This is a significant upgrade compared to the drones currently used by police teams, which typically fly for just 10 to 15 minutes.

Important highlights about Lucknow Police’s new MDV

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Roboz, a city-based robotics company led by robotics expert Milind Raj, has developed an advanced drone integrated with a car to serve as both its base and operational unit.

  • Another notable feature of this mobile drone vehicle (MDV) is its maneuverability. A quick and easy installation process will get you up and running in no time.

  • This vehicle-integrated drone allows for continuous monitoring by the onboard drone, with live feeds accessible through an internal screen.

  • Equipped with a wired connection and generator to ensure continuous battery backup.

  • Importantly, drones can be loaded with crime data from police records, allowing them to use facial recognition technology to identify individuals and then alert authorities.

  • According to reports, the use of this drone could be very effective for city surveillance during upcoming events like political processions, IPL matches, and other rallies related to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections .

State-of-the-art MDV can monitor activity from a height of 70 feet

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In preliminary tests conducted, the drone was able to successfully monitor activity from more than 70 feet above the ground and capture clear images from a height of 20 feet.

Further trials are planned to evaluate the drone’s maximum flight capabilities and additional surveillance capabilities before it is officially deployed for operational use.

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