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Anker 747 GaNPrime Charger Features: 3 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port | Charge 2 laptops at the same time | Charge up to 4 devices simultaneously | 38% smaller than Apple’s 140W charger but at 10 watts (150W) Equipped with many chargers

When traveling, it’s important to keep all your devices turned on and ready for use.Has anyone ever had a mobile phone break down? just Is it when you scan your mobile boarding pass? To avoid that embarrassment, world traveler Nick Yee is saving up his Anker 747 charger to power all his devices for the next five flights. Even though this brick is smaller than Apple’s standard Mac charger, it features three USB-C style ports and a traditional USB-A port, all totaling an impressive 150W. provides a typical output. To put it in perspective, it’s powerful enough that he can charge two laptops in a short period of time.

“This eliminates the need to carry an additional power brick, which is all you need,” Yiu says.

The 747 also features Anker’s GaNPrime technology. It’s a faster, more powerful, and more sustainable semiconductor than traditional silicon chargers. Anker’s ActiveShield 2.0 technology also monitors temperature throughout the day and makes appropriate power output adjustments to protect connected devices. For these reasons and more, this charger has become a must-have for ZDNET contributor Jason Cipriani when he travels for work.

However, Cipriani notes that the brick, while compact, is heavy and “will fall out of most electrical outlets. That’s why Anker includes a plate that fits around the adapter, which helps secure the adapter to the wall. It has a lot of small suction cups,” he points out. ”Besides the density, the only drawback of the 747 Power Brick is the price, which is $110. However, given his adaptability and power, he is actually paying several fees in one.

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