Verizon offers high-tech gadgets to take with you on your spring break trip.

sugar house — Spring break is here. Sugarhouse’s Verizon introduces us to some new tech gadgets to take with you on your travels.

“If you’re going on a trip, you want a smartphone that can take great photos,” says Verizon’s Liz Gelardi. She was talking about the new Galaxy S24.

“We have an AI-powered circle search feature,” Gelardi says. “Just press this button and circle it to see all his Google search results.”

This gadget also has a live translation feature.

“I need it. I’m going to the Paris Olympics and I don’t speak much French,” said KSL’s Tamara Vaifanua.

Verardi added, “Dinner reservations are also available. This may be useful for transportation.”

Pair your phone with the high-tech Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. It’s a fitness tracker. Send text messages, make calls, and pair with Shockz conductive headphones.

“It helps increase your safety and awareness. You can still hear your surroundings,” Gerardi said.

For kids, try the Gizmo Watch 3 kids smartwatch.

“You can call. You can send a text message. But this also features video calling,” Gerardi said.

Add up to 20 contacts to track your child’s location. “As a parent, that’s a special sense of security,” Gerardi said.

If you’re staying close to home, Verizon offers 5G home internet deals. It costs $35 per month. When you sign up, you’ll receive a Nintendo Switch and a $200 Target gift card.

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