10 tech gadgets every cat owner needs

With the rise of affordable smart home technology in 2023, cat owners have found new ways to ensure the safety and health of their beloved cats. At home or on the go, thanks to cutting-edge technological equipment, cat owners can automatically feed and hydrate their kittens much more conveniently than ever before, monitoring their location and cleaning their litter boxes. Now you can do everything, up to and including.

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Thanks to big brands like PetSfae, TruSense, and Tractive, owning a cat in 2023 is easier, safer, and more connected than ever before. Therefore, every cat owner should consider the most effective technological devices on the market today.

Litter robot 4

Cats are using the Litter Robot 4 litter box

As any cat owner knows, there’s nothing worse than spending time scooping litter and cleaning up the mess on the floor around you. If you want to forget those days, consider the LitterRobot 4, which is often hailed as the best electric self-cleaning toilet on the market. Although expensive, the investment is well worth the return.

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The Wi-Fi enabled self-cleaning cat litter box uses advanced technology to automatically sift out cat litter, reducing the amount of litter left on the floor and also eliminating litter-related odors. It’s designed to keep up to four cats with a clean litter box at all times, and owners can also monitor litter box usage in real-time using the Her Whiskers app.

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker

Cat with Traactive GPS collar

Considering how finicky cats are and how easily they run away, it would be foolhardy in 2023 not to use GPS technology to track your cat’s physical location. After all, there’s nothing more worrying than not knowing where your cat has wandered. While there are many worthy options out there, most agree that nothing beats the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker, especially when it comes to affordability.

With unlimited GPS tracking range, the Tractive Cat Tracker attaches to your cat’s collar and uses global positioning satellite technology to constantly monitor your cat’s physical location. This securely attachable pet gadget also monitors your cat’s health by creating a virtual fence that alerts owners if the cat gets too close to danger. Owners can see their cat’s location history, monitor sleep, activity habits, and more, giving them ultimate peace of mind about their cat’s health and well-being.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Cat Fountain

Cat drinking water from PetSafe Drinkwell Smart Fountain

Not constantly replacing clean water for your cat can cause serious health problems for your furry feline friend. One great way to ensure your cat has clean, fresh water to stay hydrated at all times is to use an automatic pet drinking fountain. There are many options, but many agree that the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Cat Fountain is the safest option.

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The electronic water dispenser provides 168 ounces of water capacity at all times, ensuring that your large cat or feline family member stays well-hydrated every day. PetSafe has a carbon water filter that stays clean, falling steam that makes your cat want to drink more, an adjustable pump that adjusts water flow, and an easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe top shelf that earns PetSafe its reputation. continues to gain.

whisker feeder robot

Cat eating food from whisker feeder robot

For cat owners, there are few high-tech devices that can not only maintain clean water at all times, but also be as convenient as an automatic food dispenser. Being able to adjust and monitor your cat’s food intake at home or on the go is a great way to ensure your cat’s overall health and maintain a healthy weight. There are several options, but none beat an expensive whisker feeder robot.

The Wi-Fi-enabled automatic feeder pairs with the Whisker app, allowing owners to remotely feed their cat from anywhere in the world, view history to track eating habits, and schedule feeding times. portion control, and anti-jam features. Technology that ensures a strong internet connection at all times. The feeder robot also comes with a chew-resistant power cord, making it ideal for teething kittens who are reluctant to munch on moving objects.

Pet Cube Bites 2

Cat walking behind PetCube Bites 2 device

For many cat owners, there is nothing worse than being separated from their pet and not seeing their adorable face for an extended period of time. If you are facing such a dilemma, why not consider a cat camera? But the PetCube Bites 2 is his cat camera, treat dispenser, and two-way audio communicator all rolled into one. As a great pet parenting app, every cat owner should invest in this $250 device as a way to maintain constant communication with their feline friends.

The smart HD pet camera boasts a wide-angle, 1080p, 160-degree field of view, allowing parents to closely monitor their cats from anywhere in the world. A premium two-way voice control system also allows owners to talk to their cats remotely and hear their loving responses. The app also allows parents to throw treats from their device and change the amount and distance depending on the cat’s size.

K&H A-Frame Kitty Heating House

K&H A-frame heating house for cats is now available

Cat parents strive to make their pets as cozy and comfortable as possible, and often fiddle with the dials on the thermostat to get the right indoor temperature for the whole family. Luckily, her one way to combat this problem, spearheaded by the K&H A-Frame Kitty Heating House, is to invest in a cat heating pad.

Perfect for winter outdoor, feral, and community cats, the Heating House features a luxurious 40-watt MET safety rated heated cat bed inside to keep your cat warm in sub-zero temperatures. With two exits and weather-resistant insulation to prevent entrapment, the heating house can be used in garages, barns, porches, and even indoors.

ICalm Cat 5.0

iCalm 5.0 mobile speaker ads are displayed

Many cat lovers bend over backwards to calm the stressful nerves of timid or highly aggressive cats. We know that if we don’t, our health could be negatively affected. Thankfully, iCalm Cat 5.0 is leading the way in soothing your cat’s temperament by playing relaxing music designed specifically for cats.

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Billed as a portable speaker designed for “feline sound therapy with 3 hours of bioacoustically designed music preloaded,” the iCalm Cat 5.0 is designed to help you navigate new physical environments, unexpected guests, and overwhelming It’s a great way to reduce the stress your cat feels related to stress. This device maintains a consistent audio environment to make your cat as comfortable, relaxed, and stress-free as possible.

TruSens Air Purifier with Pet Bundle

You can see the TruSens air purifier and pet filter

The odor associated with cat litter has been a nuisance to pet parents ever since indoor breeding was established. To deal with such problems, you can use an air purifier to ensure that unpleasant odors are removed. But the TruSens Air Purifier with Pet Bundle goes a step further by combining the purifier with a HEPA pet filter that removes up to 99.97% of dirt, hair, and dander. So this is a tough deal to go through.

Both products are automatic smart home gadgets with a real-time feedback monitor on the air purifier, customizable filtration on the PET filter, and bundled PureDirect technology that distributes clean air into split streams to maximize clean air throughout the room. We also provide Separately depending on the needs of cat parents.

PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy

Cat playing with PetSafe Dot Laser Toy

Another ideal way to keep your cat active, healthy, and happy is to give him plenty of toys to play with. Along with the best fitness apps, the electronic cat toy market has come a long way in recent years, and PetSafe’s Dancing Dot Laser Toy is an affordable ($22) and effective way to entertain and exercise your cat at the same time. This is an option.

It can also be controlled remotely, so you can let your cat play at any time. This gadget includes a safe laser for cat interaction, two game modes including one-time play (15 minutes) and all-day play, a scheduled rest mode, and random movement patterns to constantly challenge your cat. Equipped with advanced laser technology. This is a great way to prevent boredom while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

SureFlap Smart Cat Door Flap

Cat using SureFlap smart door

For cat owners with serious security concerns, the SureFlap smart cat door flap is basically an embedded cat computer chip with a code used to open the cat door flap and gain access to your home. key. This award-winning technological device is the ideal way to prevent unwanted animals from entering your home while giving your cat easy access at any time.

With the ability to store 32 cat IDs, low battery flash warning, and selective intrusion recognition, cat owners will love installing the SureFlap Cat Door, especially since it comes with a 3-year warranty. You will never feel safer after doing so.

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