11 Best Tech Gadgets for Fitness

It’s January and you know the drill. It’s that time of year when our collective fitness goals for the year come in the form of: athletic gearSeveral Home appliances to relieve swelling, and a membership to a local gym.Maybe I’ve made it this far dry january I feel like I can take on the world now without cheating. Maybe you still believe in the New Year’s version of Santa Claus: “New Year, New Me.” Or maybe you just realized that you and Fergie have more in common than meets the eye. For some reason, you too decided to go to the gym and work on your fitness. i see youI also admire your optimism and belief in your own discipline. I really think so. But take some advice from a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient (me) when it comes to smoking cessation. sneakers To keep your fitness goals on track. If you don’t have enough Catholic guilt to nudge you toward a healthier lifestyle, having external motivation can help. Thankfully, there are plenty of high-tech options to help you stay on the straight and narrow. From Fitbits and smart scales to splurge-worthy home workout equipment like Peloton and The Mirror, these genius fitness items will give you the motivation you need when you want to hit the bench.

If you need a babysitter

If you’re at a loss for what to do in your workout (and why to do certain moves or exercises), the Fitbit Charge 5 is the friendly babysitter you’ll never want to meet. Get hurt under their watch. This wearable fitness tracker records your activity, sleep cycles, heart rate variations, and makes personalized workout recommendations tailored to your individual needs. Plus, you can try hundreds of additional guided routines. I hope you can get through more than half of it. There’s a reason Fitbits are considered the gold standard for affordable fitness technology. The design works for you and your goals.

$254.99$178.95 in walmart

$254.99$178.95 in walmart

Level up

It’s time to throw away your old scale (if you haven’t already). This smart scale provides the measurements you really want to know when achieving your long-term fitness and health goals, including muscle mass, body fat, hydration, BMI, weight, and more. Plus, you can track your data over time, so you can measure your progress and brag to your friends.

$44.99 in Amazon

For the Apple Devil Deciding to become a marathon runner is the perfect excuse to gift yourself the new Apple Watch Series 7. Even if you eventually stop using it to track your runs and jogs, there are many other ways to keep using your Apple Watch Series 7. Features include texting a friend about “what last year’s marathon was like” and listening to true crime podcasts.

$399 in walmart

hydration, hydration, hydration

No, you drank PBR please do not Brad, no matter how your water tastes, count it toward your daily water intake.Everyone should be drinking. 11-15 cups of water per day, according to science, and given my meager life savings, I don’t think you are. This smart water bottle tracks your daily water intake and lights up to let you know when you’re about to fall behind, so you can avoid looking and feeling like a raisin.Check more Click here for smart water bottles and hydration motivators.

$69.99 in hydrate

sticker chart motivation

If you were once a kid who would do anything to earn a gold star sticker, this is the training you were born to do. The more you use this smart jump rope, the more prizes you can win. Type A people, please jump!

$39.95 in Amazon

A non-intimidating personal trainer

Do you get excited at the thought of going to the gym and working with a personal trainer who lives, breathes, sweats and pumps you iron? Yes, the same thing. The Mirror lets you train from the safe cocoon of your home, and up to six family members can access unlimited live and on-demand workouts when you purchase a Mirror Membership. Plus, when it’s not in use for tear-outs, it blends seamlessly into your home decor, acts as an actual mirror, and is perfect for providing countless “fit checks.”

$1495$795 in mirror

In-house masseuse

In case you didn’t know, we Hardcore Therabody Stance. So here’s one thing you can easily stick to in your new routine. It’s a post-workout massage.of wave duo It’s a foam rolling bad boy with 5 different speeds to help relieve any pain or tension you may be feeling. Perfect for post-workout recovery and pre-workout decompression.of theragun eliteThe Cadillac of massage guns is like having a skilled masseuse on hand at all times. Remember the old days when you could actually go to the spa IRL with one of these before your workout? Theragun Elite syncs with his Therabody app to learn your routine and suggest the best treatments for you. If the promise of slamming your muscles into blissful oblivion doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will. (Oh, and if you think Theragun is a bit pricey for your post-holiday wallet, why not suggest the following? More affordable alternative?)

Cult of NordicTrack

No judgment! Nothing maintains a commitment like dropping a rental check on a bike that’s going would do that have I use it just to prove that it’s not an impulse buy like a New Year’s dream and to avoid “I told you so” messages from friends. Plus, you’ll have 24-hour access to studio cycling classes for the whole family.

$2199$1499.99 in Amazon

cardio care

Your resolution was not to indulge a cold, loveless heart, but to be healthy. The important thing is to keep ticking the ticker, baby, and breathing in and out is a great way to keep up your cardio. helps heart health. This Polar heart rate sensor tracks your cardio workouts, provides training tutorials, and counts your calories to help you move forward with heart-breaking health for decades to come.

$59.95 in Amazon

lazy rap

Don’t like walking fast in the park? No problem. This under-desk elliptical allows you to exercise while you’re busy with more important tasks, like turning off your camera while you attend his Zoom meeting in your pajamas. (I would never do that.)

$289 in Amazon

mind reader

If you’re determined to achieve all three components of health: mind, body, and spirit, try the MUSE 2 brain-sensing headband. This makes it much easier to meditate and learn how to quiet your loud brain.

$249.99$183.99 in Amazon

Tally Ho, friends, and I hope your 2022 is really, really good.

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