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Want greener technology? Then check out our picks for the most sustainable tech gadgets of 2023. These feature recycled materials, solar charging, and more.

You love your craft. But these plastic cases and wires are definitely the worst on the planet. So what’s a gadget lover to do? Find the most sustainable technology gadgets of 2023. These products are feature-packed and made from sustainable materials. Many also optimize power usage. Check it out below.

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Charge your devices with the Native Union Belt Cable Duo, a 2-in-1 sustainably designed cord. It’s made from 100% recycled PET braid and features both USB-C and Lightning connectors in one head.

That way, when you purchase the Urbanears Boo Tip, you will be able to use eco-friendly plastic in your earbuds. It’s made from recycled plastic and has a comfortable silicone tip.

Enjoy your favorite technology responsibly by choosing sustainable products below.

1. Logitech BRIO 300 Full HD Webcam is made of at least 48% plastic and has a stylish speckled look. You can purchase it on the official website for $69.99.

The best sustainable tech gadgets you can buy in 2023
Logitech BRIO 300 Full HD webcam on monitor

Need a new webcam? Choose one that breathes new life into used plastic. Logitech BRIO 300 Full HD Webcam. Made with at least 48% recycled plastic. meanwhile, webcam It has 1080p resolution and automatic light correction.

2. Native Union Belt Cable Duo Dual Connector Type-C Cable is constructed from 100% recycled PET braid. It can be purchased on the company’s website for $49.99.

native union belt cable duo
Native Union Belt Cable Duo (Craft)

Charge your devices with the planet in mind. Native Union Belt Cable Duo Dual Connector Type-C Cable. The cable features 100% recycled PED braid. Next, the strap is made of 75% recycled bonded leather combined with recycled housing (100% rTPU and 20% rTPE).

3. JBL Go 3 Eco and Clip 4 Eco Bluetooth speakers deliver great sound in a sustainable design. Prices start at $49.95 on the official website and will be available soon.

The best sustainable tech gadgets you can buy in 2023
JBL Go 3 Eco on the dock

You can carry your favorite music with you forever. JBL Go 3 Eco and Clip 4 Eco Bluetooth Speakers. The main structure is 90% PCR plastic, and the speaker grille is 100% recycled fabric. The JBL Go 3 Eco has a pocket-sized shape, and the JBL Clip 4 Eco delivers deep bass and 10 hours of playback time. These are some of the most sustainable technology gadgets of 2023.

4. Garmin Instinct Crossover Solar’s rugged hybrid smartwatch works in sunlight. The price on the brand’s website is $549.99.

Garmin Instinct Crossover introduction video

Enjoy military standards and tactical features with a smartwatch with Garmin Instinct Crossover Solar Rugged hybrid smartwatch. When connected to your Android or Apple device, it integrates nicely into your daily life. Best of all, you can charge it under the sun, so you don’t have to worry about the battery.

5. The Acer eKinekt BD 3 Bike Desk allows you to generate electricity for work, exercise, and charging your devices. Coming soon for $999.

Acer eKinekt BD in the home office

There are many good reasons to add an Acer eKinekt BD 3 bike desk to your office. Not only can it be moved, but it can also generate electricity to power devices. Add to that the PCR plastic design and different pedaling modes and you have one of the most sustainable office desks.

6. Mill compost bins and memberships help reduce the world’s food waste in a stylish, odor-free way. Reserve now for $33 on the official website.

The Mill
Kitchen crushed compost bin

Food waste at home causes considerable damage to the planet. Mill compost bin creators and members have a plan. A simple trash can dries, shrinks, and deodorizes food waste overnight, so it doesn’t have any odors. The company then mails the compost to the farm.

7. Urbanears Boo Tip true wireless earbuds have a design and comfortable fit made from recycled plastic. Buy it on the official website for $69.99.

urbaneers boot tips
Urbanears Boo Tip Charcoal Black

Choose earth-friendly earphones. Urbanears Boo Tip Completely Wireless Earphones. As some of the best sustainable technology gadgets of 2023, they boast of using recycled plastic from things like bottles and air conditioning units. Additionally, the snug fit and limited full charge capacity to 90% ensure longer battery life.

8. Schneider Home integrated energy management system lets you easily control solar power, EV charging, and more. Please contact the brand for pricing.

Schneider Home Information Video

Want to more easily manage sustainable energy in your home? Check out Schneider Home’s integrated energy management system. Put all your energy endpoints and appliances in one interface and prioritize how you use energy. What’s even better is that it works with apps.

9. Oakywood slim charging pad has eco-friendly wooden design and uses eco-friendly wax oil coating. You can purchase it on the company’s website for $70.

Oakywood slim charging pad
Oakywood slim charging pad and keyboard

Make charging your wireless devices more environmentally friendly. Oakywood slim charging pad. We offer a classic eco-friendly wooden design with a non-toxic wax oil coating. Additionally, the charging speed automatically adjusts depending on the smartphone model, up to 15W.

10. The Sorios Curve Solar Watch charges with natural and artificial light and has a recycled stainless steel case. You can purchase it from the official website for $320.

Solios Curve Solar Watch
Solios Curve Solar Watch Black Case

Buy a watch that makes you feel good when you go out Solios Curve Solar Watch. You’ll love charging with both natural and artificial light. The case is also made from certified recycled stainless steel, making it one of the most sustainable technology gadgets of 2023.

11. EcoFlow Glacier portable refrigerator offers direct solar charging option and efficient energy savings. Pricing will be announced soon.

The best sustainable tech gadgets you can buy in 2023
EcoFlow glacier side view

Enjoy fresh ice while traveling with the EcoFlow Glacier portable refrigerator. Interestingly, it comes with both a plug-in battery and an ice maker. Thanks to direct solar charging, you can cool your food anywhere.

High-tech gadgets can be eco-friendly, and these gadgets prove our point. What sustainable technology products do you use? Let us know in the comments!

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