9 high-tech gadgets you and your pet will love

Toys that get your pet the exercise they need, technology that makes life easier for their owners…this roundup has it all. Read on for 10 high-tech gadgets you and your furry friend will love.


digital doggy door

Pet safe offer

PetSafe electronic smart door

In addition to reducing the fear of intruders, this digital dog door has many other clever uses. When your pet attaches the smart key to the collar and attempts to pass through the pet door, high-frequency technology reads the collar’s unique signal and unlocks the flap. When your pet’s girlfriend SmartKey goes out of range, it will automatically lock in place. So depending on which pet you give her SmartKey to, you can let the dog out while keeping the cat inside the house, give the cat access to the litter box without letting the dog out, and much more. You can realize scenarios specific to your household.


tickle toys

This toy is designed to keep your dog active while giving them a little bit of encouragement in the form of treats. The Tikr toy, which you fill with treats of various sizes before playing, is powered by an analog timer. For up to 45 minutes, the inner chamber rotates until the holes line up and a treat drops out. Want more? Check out these toys from our gift list for dog lovers and their dogs. Oh, and if your dog loves toy shredders, this BarkBox Super Chewer subscription is just what you need.

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