8 Top Technology Companies in Vancouver

Canada is home to several thriving technology hubs, including Vancouver, where some of the biggest global brands have chosen to expand their operations and recruitment efforts. Data shows the city has seen significant growth in technology jobs, with software developers and programmers making up the majority of the region’s technology workforce. Below are some of Vancouver’s top technology companies that are helping to drive innovation and opportunity across a variety of industries.

Top Tech Companies in Vancouver

  • 2K
  • toast
  • Tegusu
  • tick tock
  • drop box
  • chime
  • tapestry

Vancouver’s top technology companies

Industry: games, software

2K is a developer of a video game series that has become well-known. NBA 2K, bioshock and Sid Meier’s Civilization. A global company, 2K has offices and studios around the world. The Take-Two Interactive Software-owned label continues to build and acquire studios as part of its global strategic plan.

2K is hiring | View available jobs

Industry: cloud, food, hospitality, software

toast provides technology and support that helps restaurants run smooth back-of-house operations while providing fast, high-quality service to customers. Its suite of products and solutions is designed to serve many types of food and hospitality businesses, including fine dining restaurants, food trucks, hotel restaurants, bars, and bakeries.

Toast is hiring | View available jobs

Industry: fintech, software

Tegus provides technology products that enhance investment research. His Canalyst, a Tegus product, for example, relies on a team of Vancouver-based analysts who gather data from sources such as SEC filings and investor presentations. Once the software check is complete, the data is used to build a financial model, which Tegus customers can customize as needed to get the analysis right.

Tegus is hiring | Display available jobs

industry: digital media

Users around the world post short-form video content on the TikTok social media platform for others to view, like, and comment on. The company expanded into e-commerce with his TikTok Shop feature, which allows viewers to buy products they see creators using and advertising without leaving the TikTok app.

TikTok is hiring | View available jobs

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Industry: software, cloud, productivity

Dropbox lets users securely store, organize, and share files through mobile and desktop apps. The company has over 700 million registered users and its products and solutions are leveraged in a wide range of applications, from enabling remote collaboration on photo, video, and audio content to simplifying the process of virtually signing documents. I am.

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industry: fintech

Chime helps customers receive their paychecks up to two days early and offers banking services that help build credit. Users don’t have to worry about monthly fees, and Chime doesn’t charge him fees for overdrafts of less than $200. Chime users also have access to her network of over 600,000 ATMs where they can withdraw cash without fees.

Chime is hiring | View available jobs

industry: retail, fashion

Tapestry is home to three well-known retail fashion brands: Coach, Kate Spade New York and Stuart Weitzman. The trio designs and sells luxury shoes, handbags, jewelry, dresses, and other designer products. Tapestry employs thousands of people and maintains operations in more than 70 countries.

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