10 Fastest Growing US Tech Hubs for IT Talent

The average salary for a technician in the Baltimore, DC area is $116,559 per year, an increase of 1.7% starting in 2022, according to Dice.

8. St. Louis

The St. Louis region applied for the highly competitive federal Build Back Better Regional Challenge Grant and received $25 million in funding for the St. Louis Tech Triangle. The money will help the city build the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Center (AMICSTL). The innovation center’s plan is to connect industry leaders with higher education and workforce development partners while opening new career opportunities for underserved communities. The St. Louis Polytechnic Triangle includes 15 counties in the St. Louis metropolitan area and brings together the city’s already established bioscience, geospatial, and advanced manufacturing industries. Technology companies with offices in St. Louis include IBM, Amazon, WWT, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Dell Technologies, Fujitsu, and Google.

The average salary for a technician in St. Louis is $120,975 per year, an increase of 11.8% starting in 2022, according to Dice. However, the report notes that this data point is based on her fewer than 100 respondents, making it less statistically valid than other data points on this list.

9. Denver

Colorado has seen an increase in technology jobs and startups over the past decade, making Denver a hub for tech company growth. The state was also quick to recognize the need for clean technology, becoming the first state to pass a voter-approved renewable energy standard in 2004. The Boulder-Denver area is also well known as a center for quantum technology research and is home to strong startup companies. The scene is built around those technologies. Colorado has also been awarded Tech Hub status by the EDA, with the goal of developing technology centered around quantum hardware, quantum computing, and quantum networking, and bringing this technology to market.

The average salary for a technician in Denver is $122,913 per year, an increase of 1.6% starting in 2022, according to Dice.

10. Los Angeles

The Bay Area is California’s most famous technology hub, but as the cost of living in Silicon Valley continues to rise, Silicon Valley companies and workers have trickled into the Los Angeles area in recent years. The Westside area of ​​Los Angeles, known as Silicon Beach, is home to more than 500 technology companies and startups. Startups like Snapchat and Tinder have sprung up in his LA, and companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, YouTube, Buzzfeed, and Salesforce have all opened offices in the area. Los Angeles is also home to universities such as UCLA, USC, and Caltech, making it a recruiting hotspot given the strong STEM programs offered at these universities. The Los Angeles Innovation and Technology Center has developed several initiatives to support the technology industry, including the Bixel Exchange, the LA Tech Talent Pipeline, and the Innovation and Technology Council.

The average salary for a technician in Los Angeles is $117,096 per year, an increase of 0.5% starting in 2022, according to Dice.

Top 10 in 2023

  1. Phoenix, Arizona (26.2% increase)
  1. Tampa, Florida (up 19%)
  1. Columbus, Ohio (up 15.7%)
  1. Portland, Oregon (15.5% increase)
  1. Charlotte, North Carolina (up 11.1%)
  1. Miami, FL (up 10.6%)
  1. Sacramento, CA (9.7% increase)
  1. Raleigh, North Carolina (9.4% increase)
  1. Boston, MA (9% increase)
  1. Seattle, WA (7.6% increase)

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