The mass exodus of the Virginia Tech men’s basketball team is getting more bizarre by the day.

The current state of college sports is like free agency in all professional sports. Yes, I understand. This is his college sports in 2024, and even the future of college sports. It affects everyone in every sport. Even the coach. But what happened over the past three days in Blacksburg is strange even in the current climate of college sports. Very strange to be honest.

Yes, players are coming and players are leaving. That is NIL. Over the past three days, the Virginia Tech men’s basketball team lost seven of its top players from 2023-2024. Robbie Beran and Hunter Kattore were ineligible after the Hokies lost 81-73 in the second round of the NIT to Ohio State last Saturday night, but that’s not the case for five other teammates. . Sean Pedula, MJ Collins, Lynn Kidd, Mylijael Poteet and Tyler Nickell each entered the transfer portal, with Kidd already finding a home in ACC foe Miami for the 2024-25 season.

I know this is the state of college sports and everyone will say it’s going to happen, but is it going to happen this far? There must be something more than NIL. Seriously, there aren’t that many shows that have been destroyed by portals like Mike Young has had in his three days here.

As I watched the team over the final month of the season, I could tell something wasn’t right with the body language of some of the players. Watch the postgame press conference after last week’s NIT win over Richmond. He didn’t seem excited about making it to the second round. This is just one person’s opinion.

You could say the NIL has something to do with this, but it has something to do with what’s going on, but Connecticut coach Dan Hurley said Wednesday that he will not be attending the Sweet 16 game against San Diego State. He spoke to the media earlier in Boston. This is what I said about the transfer portal.,

“I don’t think it’s healthy for athletes to change schools like underwear.”

I get the quote, Harley is someone who rubs people, well, a lot of people, the wrong way, but his assessment is correct. That’s not good. Virginia Tech won’t be the last school for something like this to happen, but it seems odd that five of the top seven players who could return for one more season would leave via the portal in just 48 hours. . That’s strange. It is not seen every year.

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