Tech company CEO falls to death at corporate event in India

Ramoji Film City Studios, Hyderabad. Dheeraj Singh—Bloomberg/Getty Images

The CEO of an Illinois-based technology company has died after falling onto a concrete stage at a corporate event in India.

Sanjay Shah, CEO of software company Vistex, and Vishwanath Raju Datla, president of the company, were lowered onto the stage in an iron cage whose cable appeared to be snapping. It was intended to recreate the appearance of the hot air balloon basket that became the modern hot air balloon. The two fell 15 to 20 feet to the ground.

Shah died from his injuries. Raju Datla remained in critical condition late Saturday. The Times of India reported.

The incident was captured on video.

That night was supposed to be a celebration of Vistex’s 25th anniversary. Mr. Shah He founded this multinational company in 1999. He had an audience of nearly 700 people.

Indian police are investigating whether Ramoji Film City Studios in Hyderabad, which hosted the event, was at fault for the accident. According to the complaint filed by Vistex, it took nearly 20 minutes for event organizers to arrange for an ambulance to take the injured to the hospital. Raju Datla was taken away in a private vehicle.

Shah, 56, founded a company that now has 20 offices around the world and more than 2,000 employees. Vistex specializes in providing revenue management software.

Tributes for Shah poured in on LinkedIn.

“Sanjay was a mentor and pushed us to our limits (sometimes a little beyond them), which made each of us stronger,” said Beth, who has worked at Vistex for more than 14 years. Schweibinz writes. “Without his support and guidance, I would not be here today, and I know this is true for so many current and former Vistex employees. It wasn’t his brilliant mind that stuck with me, but his contagious laugh. At company events, I could hear his laugh from across the room and couldn’t help but smile.”

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