12 Top Technology Companies in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital of India’s Telangana state and has a rapidly growing IT sector, leading to the creation of significant new jobs. There is a lot of focus on business innovation in Hyderabad as the region is a popular environment for startups and has established itself as the center of the country’s overall evolution as a technology powerhouse. Here are some of the city’s top technology companies in industries such as media, software, cloud, real estate, and edtech.

Top Technology Companies in Hyderabad

  • warner bros discovery
  • Zoom video communication
  • open door
  • skill software
  • arrow electronics
  • ServiceNow
  • Acquia
  • Yext

Top 12 tech companies in Hyderabad

JPMorgan Chase’s portfolio of financial products and services spans everything from commercial and investment banking to consumer solutions. The company has a global presence in over 100 markets and has a significant presence in the Asia Pacific region, including several office locations in India. JPMorgan Chase & Co. has established an office in Hyderabad, primarily focused on technology and operational innovation.

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industry: media, entertainment

Warner Bros. Discovery provides audiences with scripted and unscripted content across a diverse portfolio of brands, including HGTV, Discovery, Food Network, TLC, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, New Line Cinema, and Turner Classic Movies, and has a global reach. It entertains the viewers inside. The company has established a Hyderabad Capability Center at the city’s International Tech Park, with team members working from that office providing services that strengthen Warner Bros. Discovery’s global business operations.

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industry: health tech

Endpoint Clinical specializes in technology that supports clinical trials and serves the life sciences industry. Provides a platform for setting up an Interactive Response Technology (IRT) system covering patient randomization and supply management. The company’s solutions are applied in clinical trials in therapeutic areas such as oncology, neurology, hematology, genetic diseases, and ophthalmology.

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industry: insurance

MetLife provides insurance solutions for individuals, families, businesses and brokers. For example, the company offers dental, vision, and even pet insurance products. On the business side, companies rely on MetLife to ensure their employees have comprehensive insurance coverage in their benefits packages.

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Industry: IT, artificial intelligence

Yext helps organizations build digital experiences across any channel on an open, configurable platform. The platform helps organizations provide relevant and actionable answers wherever customers, employees, and partners are looking for information.

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Industry: media, entertainment

Warner Bros. Discovery is a media and entertainment conglomerate with a vast list of brands, channels and products, including CNN, HBO, Food Network, New Line Cinema and Turner Classic Movies. The company operates studios around the world and is responsible for the majority of television and video content currently produced.

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Industry: cloud, information technology, productivity

Zoom provides video conferencing products and related technologies, including wired meeting rooms. It has pioneered numerous privacy and online safety features and is used by many prestigious institutions and universities. Zoom also uses AI technology to power digital assistants that help users navigate and service their Zoom accounts.

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industry: real estate

Opendoor is a real estate tech company that specializes in lightning-fast offers and closings. This can often be done without traditional bottlenecks such as walkthroughs and inspections. The company says it can make preliminary offers in seconds, making it a viable option for homeowners who need cash on hand to purchase their next property.

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Industry: Edtech, HRtech, Software

Skillsoft provides learning, development, and skills training solutions for working professionals. Course content focuses on business and leadership topics such as ethics compliance and technical training subjects such as coding. Skillsoft also offers his one-on-one or group coaching from experts in the field.

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industry: hardware

Arrow Electronics provides electronic components to technology manufacturers. Its wide range of products services the entire technology spectrum, rather than focusing on a particular industry or sector. Its products include amplifiers, batteries, LED lighting, circuit protection devices, motors, and microprocessors. Arrow also provides supply chain services and design engineering to technology business customers.

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Industry: software, productivity

ServiceNow creates a workflow platform that covers protocols, automation, and sequences for customer interactions, content creation, technical maintenance, human resources, and other business operations. We serve businesses of all sizes, bringing generative AI solutions to enterprise operations and helping manage cybersecurity and risk across industries.

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Industry: cloud, adtech

Acquia’s cloud-based digital experience platform is used by clients within the Drupal ecosystem. The Drupal ecosystem is an open-source content management system for creating and maintaining websites, online repositories, e-commerce stores, and other digital content entities. The Acquia product suite includes a platform for optimizing Drupal applications, as well as Campaign Studio for marketing content and other creative assets.

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