5 climate change technology trends to watch in 2024

A field expected to see rapid growth in 2024 and beyond, climate technology addresses the climate crisis through technologies with a clear focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

According to PwC data at the end of 2023, climate change technology now accounts for 10% of all global technology deals, a figure slowly but steadily increasing from 1.5% over the past decade.

Climate technology investor Meir Rabkin is the founder of Blue, a climate technology venture capital fund focused on innovative, capital-efficient technologies and dedicated to investing in early-stage startups to reduce global warming. – Founder and Managing Partner of Vision Capital, and a director of Carbon Corporation. Neutral Club has spent much of the latter half of his career focused on disruptive technologies that can demonstrate measurable and meaningful positive impact in solving the climate crisis.

And with climate change technologies expected to be more entrenched than ever in 2024, Rabkin shares his predictions for next year and beyond, driving momentum towards a more sustainable future.

1. Introducing clean energy to keep climbing

In 2024, the global transition to clean energy will gain unstoppable momentum. With more than 120 countries pledging to triple their renewable energy capacity by 2030, the world is poised to leave fossil fuels behind and take a transformative leap towards a greener future. i am going.

2. Prices of carbon accounting software are expected to rise

Carbon accounting software is rapidly gaining popularity as organizations strive to become carbon neutral. With a staggering growth projected from USD 15.31 billion in 2023 to USD 64.39 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 22.8%, these tools will help shape a sustainable, low-emission world. will play an important role.

3. Aquifers are a ray of hope amid global water scarcity

Recharging depleted aquifers offers a ray of hope amid the challenges of global water scarcity. The revolutionary use of treated wastewater for artificial groundwater recharge represents a paradigm shift and provides a sustainable alternative to desalination. This cutting-edge approach represents an important step towards responsible water resource management.

4. Transformed energy system

2024 will be the year of distributed energy solutions. Sustainable microgrids powered by a combination of renewable energy sources are poised to revolutionize the energy system. These will not only provide a disaster-resilient power grid, but also accelerate the electrification ecosystem, pave the way for resilient communities, and strengthen investments in electrified transportation.

5. Renewable energy is paving the way from the traditional power grid

As the story unfolds in 2024, the stage is set for the rise of distributed energy resources. Sustainable microgrids, powered by solar, wind, and energy storage, are at the forefront of moving away from the traditional electricity grid. Early adopters such as smart home enthusiasts and electric vehicle enthusiasts will pioneer the future of distributed energy and demonstrate the power of sustainable living.


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