10 Coolest Wearable Tech Gadgets of 2022 So Far

Wearable technology is becoming a huge market and more and more players are entering this space. The concept of wearables is no longer limited to watches, but is expanding to other parts of everyone’s life.

Wearable devices (technology that can be attached to the body) are rapidly increasing in the market. CRN introduces you to the coolest devices coming to stores and various body parts in 2022.

Things have certainly changed since the first Bluetooth headsets hit the market in 2000. According to research firm IDC, wearable shipments reached more than 533 million units in 2021. And by 2022, the number of connected wearable devices worldwide is expected to reach 722 million. This market is sure to grow as more consumers and business users become comfortable using wearable technology for almost any task.

While hearables and smartwatches dominate much of the wearables market, new devices are also emerging as consumers look for different ways to stay connected through wearable technology. Portability is great, but the convenience of being able to connect devices and use them on demand takes this technology to the next level.

Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Imagine Marketing led wearables growth in the final quarter of 2021, according to IDC. However, the “Other” category also showed positive growth year-on-year.

“This shows that demand is spreading to other companies and products, all of which lead to more variety and price competition, and more customers,” Jitesh Ubrani, research manager at IDC, said in a statement. The aim is to attract and retain the “And because there is still strong demand for first-time users, vendors can appeal to users with features similar to his Apple products, but at a much lower price point.”

Here are the coolest wearable gadgets of 2022

• The Ray-Ban story

• Google’s Levi’s Trucker Jacket

• HSI Wireless Wearable Finger Mouse

• Bose Sleepbuds II

• Unit 1 Faro Smart Helmet

• QuardioCore Wearable ECG EKG Monitor

• SP500X Scan Printer

• Best Edge

• Oura Ring

• Tile Slim Tracker

ray ban story

There’s nothing more iconic than a pair of shades. And Ray-Ban is probably the most iconic sunglasses manufacturer. But things got really interesting when the company partnered with Facebook’s parent company Meta to develop smart glasses. These glasses allow users to take photos and videos, listen to music and calls, and share content directly to social media, perfect for strolling through the Metaverse in style.

These smart glasses come in three shapes and come with prescription or non-prescription lenses. Stories smart glasses also offer 20 different frame and lens color combinations.

Glasses are available starting at $299.

Levi’s Trucker Jacket by Google Jacquard

It’s great when fashion and technology intersect. The denim jacket is a timeless standard, and a connected upgrade by Google will allow users to do more than just look like James Dean. His Levi’s Tracker Jacket with Google’s Jacquard allows users to stay connected to their messages, so they can receive alerts and take care of tasks with a brush on the cuff. The ability to assign different LED color lights to specific notifications allows users to stay updated without having to constantly stare at the screen. With this jacket, users can also trigger photos, control music and listen to navigation his prompts inside the car.

Users simply download the Jackquard app from Google.

Price: $139.98 However, it is currently out of stock on Levi’s site.

HIS Wireless Wearable Finger Mouse

Here are some wearable gadgets that can help improve your workflow. HIS wireless wearable finger mouse allows users to use a wireless mouse from anywhere. Acts as a remote control or pointer for presentations. In tight spaces, little body movement is required for control. The company claims that by eliminating wrist movement, it can help alleviate and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. This unit attaches to your index finger and is available in four color options.

Price is $89.99

Bose Sleep Buzz II

Most earbuds claim to improve your streaming experience. But the Bose Sleepbuds II eschew the earbuds’ usual streaming capabilities, opting instead for a more disconnected technology experience designed specifically to help users get the rest they need at night. Equipped with pre-programmed relaxation sounds and active noise masking, these buds will have users nodding off without the need for prescription drugs. Sleepbuds only play content from the Bose Sleep app.

Price: $249

Faro Smart Helmet by Unit 1

The Faro Mart helmet should become standard equipment for anyone who rides their bike, especially at night. This incredibly cool wearable technology uses LED lights to help you see you at night and signal turns. The helmet can also detect severe falls with a specially built-in accelerometer and send a distress SMS to programmed emergency contacts. The add-on allows users to add a handlebar dock for signal control. You can choose from his four helmet colors: Blackbird (black), Stingray (gray), Maverick (light blue), and Juniper (light green). This gear is waterproof and scratch resistant for the most demanding riders.

Price: $279.80 (Mips safety system and turn signals are add-on features)

QardioCore Wearable ECG Electrocardiogram Monitor

Introducing wearables that may help extend the lifespan of users. The QardioCore Wearable ECG EKG Monitor is a medical-grade wearable that allows users to continuously monitor heart function and health. The company said the device is particularly suitable for people who have increased health risks due to family predispositions, a history of heart attack or stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or excess weight. QardioCore is a simple device that straps to your chest instead of wires or patches, and wirelessly records your heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, heart rate variability, and tracks your activity.

QardioCore costs $476.49 and is currently out of stock.

Handheld Group’s SP500X Scan Printer

This is for business users who want to enhance their company’s logistics strategy. The SP500X Scan Printer is a wearable that can scan barcodes and print directly onto packages. This nifty device straps onto the user’s hand and helps process orders, sort packages, and synchronize with warehouse management systems, cross-docking, and other distribution systems. The SP500x can perform more than 6,000 scans and prints in 4 hours on a single charge. Rather than printing labels, this device prints directly onto the package in high-visibility cyan ink. The device measures 3.4 x 5.4 x 2.3 inches and weighs just under a pound, so it’s not small by any means, but it’s still manageable for a productivity machine.

Please contact us for prices.

Uuja Best Edge

This device is all about the experience. Whether you’re watching a movie, playing a game, or wearing your favorite girlfriend’s VR headset, Vest Edge uses haptic transducers to deliver an immersive audio experience To do. Professional audio engineers will appreciate this device for bass monitoring in the studio or on stage. The technology behind the vest is impressive, utilizing Osci actuators designed to generate tactile sensations by placing actuators in hot spots on the body, allowing the brain to sense when the entire body is exposed to high acoustic energy. It is said that it will be recognized.

The Vest Edge costs $429 and will be available for $278 during June.

Oura Ring (third generation)

Oura Ring combines classic jewelry ring design with the latest technology, including research-grade sensors that monitor sleep, activity, body temperature, heart rate, stress, and more. The Ring has a battery life of 4-7 days and takes 20-80 minutes to fully charge. It’s a device that allows users to track their health metrics without letting the world know. A recent collaboration with Gucci shows that the company is just as serious as they are about fashion. But by providing an app with a steady supply of health metrics, users can maintain a healthier lifestyle and look smarter at the same time.

Prices start at $299.

tile slim tracker

Here we introduce some individual and useful wearables. Tile Slim is designed to fit into the credit card slot of a standard men’s wallet. It works with Tile’s app to send alerts if a user misplaces their wallet. The tile works with Apple and Android devices, has a Bluetooth range of up to 250 feet, a three-year battery life, is water resistant, and features voice-assisted search with Alexa, Google, and Siri. Slim is available in three colors: black, sand, and sage.

Priced at $34.99 with a 1-year subscription to Tile Premium.

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