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2020 is almost over and, just like every other year, we have our best of tech gadgets roundup for you. From the new DJI Mini 2 to the iPhone 12 and tons of smart home gadgets in between, this roundup has devices that will definitely please the tech lover in you. Let’s hope 2021 is even more exciting when it comes to tech updates.

We’ve seen a lot of tech in 2020. From the DJI Mini 2 to the PS5, this new technology adds more fun to your everyday life. We’ve also seen quite a lot of new normal tech as well as home office gadgets to elevate your indoor lifestyle.

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So here are our 50 best tech gadgets of 2020. Grab your cup of coffee and explore the coolest gadgets this year has given us. We only hope to see more in 2021—starting with CES!

DJI Mini 2 Lightweight Best 4K Drone of 2020

The first product on our list of the best tech gadgets of 2020 is the DJI Mini 2 Lightweight 4K Drone. This drone withstands winds between 29 and 38 kph and takes clear footage along rugged coasatlines.

New 13″ MacBook Pro with M1 of 2020

Get more power and better performance with the 13″ MacBook Pro with M1. It runs on Apple Silicon and has an eight-core CPU, which is excellent for photo editors and developers.

Yves Béhar FORME Life Best Connected Fitness Mirror of 2020

Break a serious sweat at home with the Yves Béhar FORME Life Connected Fitness Mirror. This fitness mirror comes with a hidden resistance system.

Apple iPhone 12 & 12 mini Best 5G Smartphones Series of 2020

Enjoy faster smartphone performance wherever you go with the Apple iPhone 12 & 12 mini 5G Smartphones. These smartphones have antennas around their aluminum frame for better reach.

Virtuix Omni One Best VR Treadmill of 2020

Move in all directions with another of the best tech gadgets of 2020: the Virtuix Omni One VR Treadmill. This home VR treadmill lets you move up, down, and side to side as you play.

Virtuix Omni One VR treadmill

Virtuix Omni One VR treadmill in use

New Google Pixel 5 Smartphone of 2020

The Google Pixel 5 Smartphone offers both wireless and reverse-wireless charging. So you can use it to charge your Pixel Buds on the go. Best of all, it has a water-resistant design and 5G connectivity.

Google Pixel 5 smartphone

Google Pixel 5 smartphone on a stone background

Ring Always Home Cam Best Security Drone of 2020

Keep an eye on your property with the Ring Always Home Cam Security Drone. This security drone patrols your home and, in Away mode, flies around when something sets off its sensors.

Sony PS5 Next-Gen Console of 2020

One of the most anticipated holiday gifts of the year, the Sony PS5 Next-Gen Console, has a stunning design and comes in two versions: one with a Blu-ray drive and one that’s a pure digital edition.

Sony PS5 Next Gen Console 01

Sony PS5 next-gen console close up

Oculus Quest 2 Best VR & AR Headset of 2020

Get a great headset for a reasonable price with the Oculus Quest 2 VR & AR Headset. Best of all, this gaming gear works with virtual and augmented reality technology.

Oculus Quest 2 VR & AR headset

Oculus Quest 2 VR & AR headset on a woman

Microsoft Xbox Series X Best Game Console of 2020

Another favorite on our list of the best tech gadgets of 2020 is the Microsoft Xbox Series X Game Console. This gaming console offers better speed and performance than ever and is backward compatible with four generations of games.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

Microsoft Xbox Series X game console on a black background

Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Best Transparent Edition Clear TV of 2020

The Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition Clear TV makes an impressive addition to any living room. Completely self-luminous, images on this TV look like they’re suspended in the air. And, when you turn it off, this television looks like a clear piece of glass.

Sonos Arc Premium Best Smart Soundbar of 2020

Hear lifelike audio with the Sonos Arc Premium Smart Soundbar. This stunning soundbar hangs on the wall and immerses you in your favorite music and films.

ASUS ZenBook Duo Best 2-Display Laptop of 2020

The ASUS ZenBook Duo 2-Display Laptop boasts a full-width secondary touchscreen that works easily with the main display. Also, the ErgoLift hinge delivers a 5.5-degree tilt for better ergonomics.

Logitech Circle View Best Wired Doorbell of 2020

The Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell is the first doorbell that features Apple HomeKit Secure Video. This way, you’ll always see who’s at your door. The Face Recognition feature alerts you if it’s a stranger.

Apple AirPods Max Best Over-Ear Headphones of 2020

Another of the best tech gadgets of 2020 are the Apple AirPods Max Over-Ear Headphones. They come with audio features that improve the quality of music and calls.

Apple AirPods Max over-ear headphones

Apple AirPods Max over-ear headphones in use

Varjo XR-3 Best Mixed Reality Headset of 2020

You’ll have photorealistic visual fidelity with the Varjo XR-3 Mixed Reality Headset. Also, with low-latency, 12-megapixel video pass-through, it provides realistic images and videos.

New Amazon 2nd Gen Echo Frames of 2020

Be productive all the time when you have the Amazon 2nd Gen Echo Frames. This cool gadget features open-ear audio and Alexa access. Use this eyewear to set reminders, make calls, check the news, and more.

New OPPO AR Glasses 2021 Concept Eyewear of 2020

Control the OPPO AR Glasses 2021 Concept Eyewear via gesture and voice. The user-friendly design lets you experience impressive augmentations to reality. These spectacles also include 5G, AR, and flash charging, among other features.

AROMEO Sense Best Smart Sleep Aid of 2020

Drift off to sleep easily with the AROMEO Sense Smart Sleep Aid. This helpful device uses a combination of aroma, light, and sound therapy to create an ideal sleeping environment.

AROMEO Sense Smart Sleep Aid

AROMEO Sense Smart Sleep Aid on a white table

New Open Bionics x Konami Venom Hero Bionic Arm of 2020

Another of the best tech gadgets of 2020 is the Open Bionics x Konami Venom Bionic Arm. This special arm is designed for both adult and children below-elbow amputees. Featuring life-changing technology, this arm returns mobility.

Sony Best Spatial Reality Display of 2020

A cutting-edge gadget, the Sony Spatial Reality Display gives users a lifelike three-dimensional viewing experience. Its 3D display features integrated technology that adjusts images to each eye.

Insta360 ONE X2 Best Pocket Camera of 2020

Keep a camera crew—or something like it—in your pocket with the Insta360 ONE X2 Pocket Camera. This stabilizing camera boasts a single-lens Steady Cam mode for super-steady, wide-angle videos.

Wyze Cam v3 Best Outdoor Security Camera of 2020

See what’s going on outside of your home, even at night, with the Wyze Cam v3 Outdoor Security Camera. This home security device has a siren and an IP65 weather- and dust-resistance rating so that you can keep it outside.

MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 Best Gaming PC of 2020

A futuristically designed gadget on this roundup is the MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 Gaming PC. This standout gadget has a robot-style head and boasts incredible features. It has an NVIDIA RTX 3080 graphics card as well as AI-powered noise cancellation.

mophie 4-in-1 Best Wireless Charging Mat of 2020

Power up to five gadgets simultaneously with the mophie 4-in-1 wireless charging mat. It has four wireless charging spots that work with any Qi-enabled devices. For flexibility, there’s also a USB-A port.

DJI RSC 2 Compact Best Camera Stabilizer of 2020

Another excellent device on this list of the best tech gadgets of 2020 is the DJI RSC 2 Compact Camera Stabilizer. This camera gimbal has a lightweight, foldable design. It also gives you six shooting options.

Dell Alienware Aurora R11 Best Gaming Desktop of 2020

Have an incredible gaming experience with the Dell Alienware Aurora R11 Gaming Desktop. It features NVIDIA RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 graphics cards along with an improved cooling system.

Dell Alienware Aurora R11 gaming desktop

Dell Alienware Aurora R11 gaming desktop on a desk

Apple HomePod mini Best Smart Speaker of 2020

The Apple HomePod mini Smart Speaker includes the S5 chip for computational audio. This analyzes your music to adjust the dynamic range and volume and manage dynamic and passive radiators.

New Microsoft Surface Laptop Go of 2020

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is just 15.69 mm thick, making it a convenient way to browse websites and stream videos. Also, with the 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor, this is a high-performing laptop that can withstand your workday.

Dell 2020 XPS 13 Best Lightweight Laptop of 2020

With its minimalist look, the Dell 2020 XPS 13 Lightweight Laptop is an aesthetically pleasing laptop. Even better is its 11th-generation Intel Tiger Lake processor. You also get LPDDR4x at 4,267 MHz memory, Intel Xe graphics, and more.

Dell 2020 XPS 13 lightweight laptop

Dell 2020 XPS 13 lightweight laptop on a desk

New Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker of 2020

Get more bass and volume when you have the Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker. This speaker provides a 19-millimeter tweeter for higher volume and a 75-millimeter mid-woofer for better bass.

Google Nest Audio smart speaker

Google Nest Audio smart speaker next to a figurine

iRobot Roomba i3+ Best Robot Vacuum of 2020

Tired of vacuuming your floors? Let the iRobot Roomba i3+ Robot Vacuum do the work. This home robot collects 99% of debris, and it even empties up to 60 days’ worth of dirt automatically.

Royole FlexPai 2 Best 5G Foldable Phone of 2020

The Royole FlexPai 2 5G Foldable Phone is one impressive folding phone. It has a seamless and stepless 3S hinge, which means you can open it with one hand.

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) Best Smart Display of 2020

If you want a smarter home, you need the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) Smart Display. It detects suspicious activity while you’re away and swivels to face you when interacting with it.

New ASUS ROG Phone 3 of 2020

Great for gamers, the ASUS ROG Phone 3 features enhanced in-game sound for an incredible gaming experience. It also has a motion sensor and ultrasonic touch sensors.

GoPro HERO9 Black Best 5K Action Camera of 2020

Another cool product on our roundup of the best tech gadgets of 2020 is the GoPro HERO9 Black 5K Action Camera. It has a front display for live previews and performs well in cold weather.

New LG WING Swiveling Screen Smartphone of 2020

Multitasking becomes so much easier when you have the LG WING Swiveling Screen Smartphone. It rotates to give you a 6.8″ Full HD POLED display and a 3.9″ OLED display.

New Neato D Series Robotic Vacuums of 2020

If you have pets, allergies, or both the Neato D Series Robotic Vacuums are what you need. The three models in this series capture up to 99.97% of allergens to keep your home clean and safe.

Samsung Q950TS QLED Best 8K Smart TV of 2020

The Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K Smart TV features Active Voice Amplifier for clear dialogue. In fact, unexpected noises won’t disturb your entertainment experience. You can even split the screen in two to watch a few shows at once.

New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G Folding Smartphone of 2020

If you want a folding phone, consider the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G Folding Phone. It’s super thin and has been re-engineered with a smaller gap between the screens. It has an ergonomic hold and even fits in your pocket.

ASUS ZenFone 7 Series Best Flipping-Camera Phone of 2020

Another great phone on this roundup of the best tech gadgets of 2020 is the ASUS ZenFone 7 Series Flipping-Camera Phones. They have an extra zoom lens and a new OLED display with a 90 Hz refresh rate.

ASUS ZenFone 7 Series flipping-camera phones

ASUS ZenFone 7 Series flipping-camera phones in a person’s hand

Google Pixel Buds Best Bluetooth Earbuds of 2020

Access Google Assistant hands-free when you have the Google Pixel Buds Bluetooth Earbuds. These Google earbuds have an updated long-range Bluetooth connection that can reach up to a football field away outdoors.

Microsoft Surface Duo Best Dual-Screen Folding Smartphone of 2020

The Microsoft Surface Duo Dual-Screen Folding Smartphone has tablet-like capabilities. It features two 5.6-inch displays that give you more screen space so you can work and play on the go more easily than ever.

New Sony WH-1000X M4 Headphones of 2020

Get headphones that adapt to noise instantly with the Sony WH-1000X M4 Headphones. The Bluetooth audio system adapts to music, outside noise, and acoustics. They also have smart features for better control and adjustment.

Atmoph Window 2 Best Smart Wall Scenery Display of 2020

If you don’t have a room with a view, don’t worry. The Atmoph Window 2 Smart Wall Scenery Display gives you the choice of 1,000 views to look at on your wall. Or you could choose to display photos or videos from your phone.

Samsung The Wall Best MicroLED Modular TV of 2020

The Samsung The Wall MicroLED Modular TV is on our roundup of the best tech gadgets of 2020 because it’s modular. That’s right: this TV lets you create the size you want.

Magico M9 Best Carbon Fiber Loudspeaker of 2020

Enjoy minimal cabinet vibrations with the Magico M9 Carbon Fiber Loudspeaker. It features carbon fiber in the inner and outer skins. Best of all, this loudspeaker is so durable that a sedan could run over it without causing damage.

Magico M9 Carbon Fiber Loudspeaker

Magico M9 carbon fiber loudspeaker on a black background

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Best Sport Wireless Earbuds of 2020

The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Sport Wireless Earbuds are just what you need to tackle your workouts. They’re completely waterproof, and, with the case, you can enjoy up to 30 hours of playtime.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Best Curved Gaming Monitor of 2020

For an excellent gaming experience, you’ll want the Samsung Odyssey G9 Curved Gaming Monitor. This monitor transports you into any game you play with its curve that mimics the human eye’s contours.

Lenovo Mirage VR S3 Best Standalone Headset of 2020

Designed for businesses, the Lenovo Mirage VR S3 Standalone Headset offers a 4K display that provides crisp visuals and integrated audio. Best of all, it allows for easy, hands-free control.

Lenovo Mirage VR S3 Standalone Headset

Lenovo Mirage VR S3 standalone headset on a woman

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of the best tech gadgets of 2020. As you can see, so many great products were released this year that make our lives easier and more enjoyable. What were some of the best tech-related things that you found this year? Tell us about them in the comments.

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