From old phones to outdated routers, 5 tech gadgets you should get rid of right now.

We recommend that you trade in your old smartphone instead of leaving it in a drawer, as it can cause a fire.

In the rush to set up new technology and get it up and running right away, it’s easy to skip configurations that affect your privacy. Don’t make that mistake. Here’s a list of seven settings that tech companies wish they’d left alone.

The ordinary things we do every day can add months or even years to a technology’s lifespan. Tap or click to see 5 things that can ruin your expensive phone, laptop, tablet, or TV.

Some gadgets also have security and safety risks. Go through this list and make sure you and your family are safe.

1. An old phone sitting in a drawer can cause a fire.

YouTuber Arun Maini, who runs a popular channel called Mrwhosetheboss, has been collecting all of Samsung’s flagship phones since 2010. He noticed a frightening pattern. Cell phone batteries swell to the point where the glass breaks and cases break.

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