The best technology gadgets for working on the go

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If your New Year’s resolution is to be more productive at work, you need to find a way to achieve it no matter where you are or what you’re doing. In a post-pandemic world, you may be working from an office. Sometimes I work from home. Sometimes I work in a magical third location that hopefully has lots of sun (or at least good coffee). Whether you’re by the pool, on a plane, or at your favorite coffee shop, there are gadgets that can boost your productivity without compromising your work security.

laptop shade

Laptop shades serve two purposes. One is to be able to work in a well-lit area (such as a park bench), and the other is to ensure that people nearby can’t see what you’re doing. There are quite a few options at different price points. You can try a privacy sleeve that doubles as a sunshade and bag for $79.99, or a simple clip-on shade for $22.99.

Avoid exposing the screen to sunlight.

foldable keyboard

A collapsible keyboard allows you to easily use your laptop while typing on your phone, tablet, or other device. Try the highly reviewed Samsers version or go deluxe with Aluratek’s aluminum model.

Add a full keyboard to your mobile device.

travel lap desk

If you’re commuting or out and about, you don’t have to literally balance your laptop on your lap. Try the iSwift Pi Travel Lap Desk, which folds into different configurations to give you more space to move around while you work, or the AboveTEK Lap Desk, which features a retractable mousepad.

Take your desk with you:

portable laptop charger

Portable chargers have long been a must-have for cell phones, but they often don’t have the power (or proper input) needed to jumpstart your computer. The 24000mAh, 88.8Wh SinKeu portable charger with standard outlet solves that problem. You can walk around anywhere.

Keep your laptop healthy without an outlet:

wireless scanner

When you hear the phrase “work from anywhere,” images of lounging by the pool come to mind, but if you’re obsessed with working on paper no matter where you are, consider a wireless document scanner like the Epson WorkForce ES-50. Get it to keep your business running smoothly.

Scanners that can be used from anywhere:

mini smart notebook

If you need to write something down on the go, try a smaller version of the popular Rocketbook smart notebook. They’ve created a mini spiral notebook, available for $16, that lets you write on erasable pages or upload your handwritten work directly to your device. Or try Amazon’s Kindle Scribe. This is a version of the popular e-reader that also functions as a smart notebook.

You can literally take notes smarter.

multiport adapter

No matter where you are, you need to make sure that everything you need to use is actually available. Think about everything you need to connect to your computer, from chargers for other devices to SD cards and more. To avoid confusion on the go, choose a multiport adapter.

Connect all your devices while on the move.

desktop whiteboard

Even if you’re working remotely, go, while you’re struggling, you need to write down your ideas and keep everything visible. Try a small desktop whiteboard that stores your phone or tablet and opens to reveal other office supplies. Perfect for travel and organization, it also comes with 4 markers and an eraser.

Stay organized with simple notes.

phone mount

The nature of work these days means that work is often distributed across multiple devices. If you need to refer to something on your phone, it’s annoying to have to keep looking at it on your lap or picking it up. Attach to your computer in public using the easy-to-use magnetic mount. This also allows you to use the phone for video calls if the camera quality is good.

Looking at your phone while working:

portable back massager

No matter where you are, crunching on your computer screen is unpleasant, so bring a portable neck massager with you. No matter how many people are in the coffee shop with you, as long as you’re comfortable, it’s none of their business.

Stay comfortable while working:

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