Tech Data overcomes elevator challenges by expanding Scafell Pike

The Elevate Yourself 2023 (EY23) Challenge was hosted by the TD SYNNEX Elevate Business Resource Group (BRG), which is dedicated to empowering women to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

A team of 17 colleagues from all parts of the business were part of the group that made the eight-hour trek up and down Scafell Pike.

Standing 978 meters above sea level, The iconic Scafell Pike is the highest point in England.

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Basingstoke Gazette: A team of 17 colleagues took part in a test hike of Scafell Pike A team of 17 colleagues took part in a test hike of Scafell Pike (Image: TD Synnex)

Anyone in the industry could apply to take part in the challenge, and those who reached the top included many individuals who have played an ally role for women in the TD SYNNEX workplace. .

Alison Nixon, Director, Security Guard and Co-Chair of the UK&I Elevate Committee, said:

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Basingstoke Gazette: The hike took 8 hours.The hike took 8 hours (Image: TD Synnex)

“This will also help build a community where women and allies can support each other in advancing their careers. This year’s task has been truly demanding and everyone who participated deserves the utmost praise and recognition.” To do.”

“We gave them a real mountain to climb and they took on it with genuine enthusiasm. It took a lot of effort, teamwork and dedication. In that respect, it was our It was a great reflection of what everyone tries to do on this mountain every day.” We hope TD SYNNEX is an inspiration to all women in the IT industry. ”

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