Kolors accelerates digital mass mobility leadership position in Mexico with SWVL’s strategic acquisition of Urbvan, allowing Kolors to maximize nearshoring opportunities through its asset-light model, technology, data and passenger experience optimization platform It will look like this

Mexico City, September 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kolors, the first digital intercity mass mobility ecosystem Mexico The United States, which transports more than 2 million passengers, today announced the acquisition of Urbvan, SWVL’s B2B people transportation platform powered by Mexican technology. With this strategic acquisition, Kolors will take advantage of Mexico’s high-growth nearshoring opportunities. 40 billion dollars A global corporate personnel transportation market alongside the existing existing corporate personnel transportation market 100 billion dollars Intercity bus market operated by Colors.

Through Kolors’ asset-light model, the company leverages airline-style technology and a data-driven approach to deliver the best passenger experience in ground mass transit while partnering with small and medium-sized fleet operators. With the addition of B2B personnel transportation services powered by Urbvan’s profitable technology, Colors now offers door-to-door mobility solutions for business travelers, as well as personnel transportation to corporate offices, business parks, factories, and distribution centers. I will do it.

Expanding ecosystem includes Kolors’ intercity bus network carrying millions of passengers and Urbvan’s corporate body of hundreds of customers in the region, including the largest e-commerce, banking, CPG, education and other companies. Enables cross-promotion with your customer base. For customers, this means seamless access to complementary mobility services for all their business and personal travel needs.

Cullors estimates that will be achieved. 100 million dollars This synergistic acquisition will result in accretive annual revenue within 12-18 months.

“This acquisition accelerates our growth and solidifies our leadership in next-generation ground mobility solutions,” said the Kolors co-founder. Rodrigo Martinez and Anca Gardea. “We are thrilled to welcome Urbvan’s customer to her Kolors family.”

Kolors is backed by top mobility investors including co-founder of UBER garrett camp, chris sacca, Toyota Ventures, UP.Partners, Maniv Mobility, Tuesday Capital and many other great investors. The company aims to transform ground mobility globally through its innovative technology platform and complementary service offerings.

About Colors:

Kolors is the first digital mass mobility ecosystem operating in both countries. Mexico & America. Kolors is revolutionizing ground transportation, including intercity buses and his B2B people transportation industry, through an “UBER”-like asset-light model, airline-style technology, and a data-driven approach. I am.

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About Urban:

Urbvan is a profitable, technology-enabled mass transit company that leverages a three-sided market to connect organizations, users, and third-party vehicles, primarily in B2B people transportation with hundreds of customers and millions of passengers. is focused on. Urbvan has raised funding from some of Latin America’s largest early-stage funds, including: Kaszek Ventures, Angel Ventures, DILA Capital, Mountain Nazca, Capria. Arbvan was co-founded by Renato Picard and joan matos albino Acquired in 2016 and acquired by SWVL in 2022.

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