TapNation revolutionizes mobile gaming with Arbitrum, Sequence blockchain integration

TapNation, a prominent mobile game publisher, has announced an integration with industry giants Arbitrum and Sequence, taking a groundbreaking step to incorporate gold-standard blockchain technology into Monster Squad Rush and Cornhole League.

Leading the Web3 revolution in mobile gaming

TapNation’s integration with Arbitrum and Sequence is an important milestone in the company’s efforts and demonstrates its commitment to bringing Web3 features to popular games. This strategic move highlights his TapNation commitment to spearheading his Web3 revolution in the mobile gaming space.

Redefining your gaming experience with Web3 features

The collaboration with Arbitrum and Sequence follows successful partnerships with The Sandbox and Immutable and highlights TapNation’s continued commitment to integrating blockchain technology into mobile games. Incorporating his Web3 features into Monster Squad Rush and Cornhole League not only enriches the gaming experience, but also sets a new standard for innovation in the industry.

Unlock player engagement and rewards

TapNation, Arbitrum, and Sequence leverage blockchain technology to provide gamers with unparalleled engagement and rewards. Integrating Web3 functionality enables players to earn real-world assets through gaming achievements, revolutionizing player engagement, growth, and retention strategies.

Commitment to innovation and change

Philippe Lenormand, Head of Web3 at TapNation, highlights the transformative potential of collaboration with Arbitrum and Sequence. He believes this partnership is a testament to TapNation’s dedication to innovation and its belief in Web3’s ability to reshape the gaming landscape.

Seamless integration with Sequence

Known for its cutting-edge solutions in Web3 gaming technology, Sequence is providing TapNation with the critical infrastructure to seamlessly blend blockchain technology into gaming experiences. This collaboration will make TapNation’s unique game strategies easily accessible to players, improving the overall gaming experience.

Arbitrum’s contribution to Web3 games

Arbitrum is perfectly aligned with TapNation’s vision of providing high-throughput, low-cost blockchain solutions and delivering seamless Web3 experiences to a broader gaming audience. The collaboration with Arbitrum highlights his TapNation commitment to delivering innovative gaming experiences leveraging blockchain technology.

Expanding blockchain integration

TapNation’s Web3 gaming efforts are just the beginning of the company’s efforts to integrate blockchain technology across its portfolio. The company remains dedicated to exploring new avenues to improve gaming experiences through Web3 elements, and aims to set new benchmarks for innovation and player satisfaction.

Fostering accessibility and enjoyment through sequencing

Sam Barberie, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Sequence, expressed excitement about working with TapNation to introduce the benefits of Web3 to a wider audience. This partnership aligns with his Sequence mission to leverage his TapNation’s proven success as a developer and publisher to make blockchain technology accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

Streamlined integration for enhanced player experience

David Bolger, Senior Game Partnerships Manager at Offchain Labs, praises TapNation for embracing Web3 capabilities to improve the player experience. Integration with Sequence and Arbitrum ensures seamless integration, ensuring a rich gaming experience for TapNation’s wide player base.

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