Satgana announces €8 million in funding for early-stage climate technologies

Satganaa global VC firm that invests in climate technology startups across Europe and Africa, has closed its first round with over €8 million in investment from investors. 100 LP is located in 25 countries.

With a strategic focus on early-stage climate technologies, Satgana invests first tickets ranging from €100,000 up to €300,000 in pre-seed and seed stages. The company has closed 13 deals to date after carefully reviewing more than 2,500 decks from its founders.

Previous investments include: Y Combinator Alum Orbio EarthTrack methane emissions and provide information to potential investors. Amini AI Datasets to fill Africa’s environmental data gap KubikA project to build low-carbon buildings from waste.

Satgana makes every effort to ensure its team represents the diversity of the founders it invests in, and this, along with the firm’s “broad sourcing engine”, is key to its strong track record in both European and African markets. I believe that. Advisors and LPs participating in the fund include Family Orces, unicorn founders, impact investors, and prominent businessmen such as Maurice Levy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Publicis Groupe.

Satgana is classified as an SFDR Article 9 Fund or ‘Dark Green Fund’, meaning its processes demonstrate high standards of compliance with global sustainability goals. Similarly, we recently achieved B Corp status. Stagana envisions the first fund paving the way for more funds, aiming for 30 portfolios. Start-ups accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Romain Diaz, general partner of Satgana, commented:

“Our mission is to identify and support the brightest minds driving innovation in climate technology, setting them up for commercial success while making a positive impact on the planet.”

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