Quant Announces Enhanced Blockchain Platform for Enterprises

Quant, the blockchain specialist in the financial sector, has introduced new pricing plans and features aimed at corporate IT users and developers responsible for implementing blockchain technology as part of their organization’s digital asset strategy. Updates to the Overledger blockchain platform aim to enable enterprise project teams, architects, and developers across sectors to test, build, and deploy using interoperable distributed ledger technology. This technology is trusted by central banks, commercial banks, and large corporations to accelerate digital assets. strategy.

Accessible blockchain solutions for enterprises

For the first time, Overledger offers a fully functional free plan with unlimited hours. This allows institutions to more easily adopt blockchain technology while creating new revenue streams, increasing workflow efficiency, reducing traditional costs, and accessing new markets and customers. This free plan is considered the most robust available for enterprises and allows IT end users and developers to test concepts, develop business applications, integrate existing systems, and will be able to tokenize and launch interoperable digital assets.

flexible pricing plans

In addition, Overledger has introduced two new self-service Software as a Service (SaaS) plans priced at $179 and $379 per month, respectively. These plans address organizations looking to deploy to the mainnet blockchain or run complex proofs of concept or projects involving multiple trading partners or networks. Unlike traditional blockchain infrastructure products, these plans offer transparent, flat monthly fees, giving you clarity on costs and IT budgets.

Founder and CEO’s perspective

Gilbert Verdian, Founder and CEO of Quant, emphasized the importance of providing technology that meets the demands of IT decision makers and enables enterprises to accelerate their IT and developer go-to-market strategies. . He emphasized the importance of using technology that has been tested in rigorous use cases, such as regulated financial services, to build businesses in the blockchain economy.

Product enhancements and features

Natasha Boyton-West, Head of Product Platforms, simplifies blockchain adoption by seamlessly integrating with existing systems and new networks, making blockchain technology more accessible, reliable and future-proof for businesses. Emphasized the ability of overledger to make something. Overledger’s recent enhancements include a blockchain platform as a service, smart contract APIs, transaction signing, secure transactions, and agents for powerful code-free automation on any blockchain.

Customized enterprise solutions

For clients ready to bring blockchain solutions into mainstream production environments, Quant offers bespoke enterprise plans supported by comprehensive service level agreements, dedicated infrastructure, and the expertise of the Quant team. I will continue to do so.


Quant’s introduction of new pricing plans and enhanced features underscores the company’s commitment to accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology by enterprises. By providing accessible, flexible, and feature-rich solutions, Quant enables organizations across sectors to leverage blockchain in their digital asset strategies, enhancing process efficiency, transparency, and innovation. That’s what I’m aiming for.

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