Somnia launches Metaverse blockchain designed for millions of users

Virtual Society Foundation (VSF) has made history with the launch of the Somnia project, a set of L1 blockchain and omnichain protocols that connects the Metaverse into a unified virtual society capable of supporting experiences filled with millions of users. .

Blockchains as they currently exist cannot support millions of transactions at the speed and affordability needed to run a virtual society. The fragmented landscape of the metaverse makes it difficult for users and creators to collaborate, and accumulated value goes to metaverse owners rather than creators.

Developed by the Virtual Society Foundation, an independent organization launched by Improbable, Somnia’s blockchain is EVM-based and optimized for the metaverse. In an early prototype, he achieved 100,000 transactions per second with sub-second finality. Somnia provides a protocol that creators can use to build their worlds, making it easy for assets, commerce, and avatars to move between different experiences. Somnia is inspired by the work and research of industry-leading partners like his Improbable, who have developed innovative technologies like MSquared Origin.

Somnia’s protocol allows existing NFT collections to be upgraded and rendered as interoperable 3D objects compatible with Metaverse experiences on the network, increasing their value. Somnia’s protocol is likely to capture the majority of his total TVL from the blockchain gaming, metaverse and NFT sectors, with the total approaching his $100 billion and expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Masu.

Somnia founder Paul Thomas said: “The launch of Somnia is not only a big step for Metaverse, but also a game-changer for blockchain technology. Most blockchains are best suited for finance, and while we have seen great innovation in DeFi, Scaling limitations are preventing more social and creative ventures from taking off. The protocols we release also enable the vision of a connected and composable metaverse, encouraging new community collaborations across space. I look forward to what it will bring.”

The launch of Somnia kickstarts a new creator economy with a network designed to encourage builders to share and remix content. This allows avatars and objects to be sold anywhere on any blockchain. Value is shared between all participants in the ecosystem and everyone has a voice. This is the beginning of a truly virtual society where a new creator economy can thrive.

Somnia’s upcoming protocol Betanet will be integrated into MSquared’s experience engine Origin. This enables events for tens of thousands of participants across music, sports, and gaming experiences. Somnia’s Betanet, in collaboration with Avaturn, will allow users to create interoperable avatars and establish their identity within the Metaverse. New avatars allow users to explore large-scale events and immersive experiences. Improbable and Msquared have produced huge Metaverse events, including MLB’s official virtual stadium and the launch of his Kpop album. Two degrees.

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About Somnia

Somnia enables virtual society using the L1 blockchain and a set of Omnichain protocols designed to enable an open and unified metaverse, allowing users to move seamlessly between experiences. Somnia opens endless possibilities for builders to create portable and remixable content by upgrading existing NFTs.

About Virtual Society Foundation

The Virtual Society Foundation (VSF) is an independent organization dedicated to shaping the future of the Metaverse. Founded with the vision of creating a unified and open virtual society, VSF is committed to developing the standards, protocols, and infrastructure necessary to enable seamless interoperability between different virtual worlds. It is working.

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