Nasdaq’s path forward is marked by technological innovation, market expansion, and reduced debt: Goldman Sachs

shares of Nasdaq Corporation (NASDAQ:NDAQ) was under pressure last week following a stock offering by Borse Dubai.

After years of subdued growth, the company’s earnings trajectory is expected to accelerate in 2025 and 2026, according to Goldman Sachs.

Nasdaq analysts said: Alexander Brostein upgraded Nasdaq’s rating from “neutral” to “buy” and set a price target of $73.

Nasdaq theory: The company’s profit growth could accelerate from just 5% from 2021 to 2024 to about 12% over the next two years, Brostein said in an upgrade note.

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The analyst cited three key drivers of Nasdaq’s profit growth:

  • “Adenza’s integration into more enterprise-based products across NDAQ’s customer footprint will increase the company’s fintech revenue growth (36% of total ) will be promoted.”
  • “Cyclical tailwinds include resilient U.S. spot equity and options trading volumes, strong growth in NDAQ’s index business, improved listing prospects, and shorter sales cycles.”
  • “Management is likely to prioritize organic growth over M&A going forward, leading to faster-than-expected deleveraging and faster-than-expected share buyback opportunities (in 2025), exceeding management targets. It is expected.”

NDAQ price action: Nasdaq shares were up 2.18% to $62.39 at the time of publication on Tuesday.

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