Maritime Academy’s high-tech virtual reality bridge simulator

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Toledo Maritime Academy has a high-tech virtual reality simulator center that teaches students how to navigate different types of ships through waterways, ports and weather.

The Academy allows students to learn academic concepts in real-life situations. This simulator is one of the most realistic in the world.

This is a hidden gem and one of the most unique full bridge simulators in the United States, located at the Toledo Maritime Academy.

“We trained how to operate the ship and all kinds of situations,” said Jerry Bauman, a simulator operator at the academy.

Bauman took 13 Action News crew members inside the bridge, where he taught the students how to navigate the harbor’s waters. The crew sailed from San Francisco on a container ship.

“We’re going to go under the Golden Gate Bridge, or we’re going to try to go under. We’re going to experience a similar situation with a loss of power, like we had in Baltimore,” Bauman said. said.

The study room has 18 screens and three gaming computers that display six screens at a time. They can navigate the ports of New York, San Francisco, and Toledo through various types of crisis situations.

“Today, for the first time, we taught our students how to berth a ship. We also train them how to operate a ship in all types of emergency situations, such as loss of engine, loss of rudder, and fire on board,” Bauman said. he said.

Bauman said he can’t talk about the collapse of the Baltimore Key Bridge, but the students understand how the ship went down.

“The kids in my class already know that something like that can happen because in the simulator the ship got away from them so easily,” Bauman said.

He simulated a ship crashing into a bridge. Upon impact, the children can hear the screams of steel being ripped from the 100,000 ton ship.

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