Doral Academy Red Rock Dragons vs. Southeast Career Tech Roadrunners

On Wednesday, the Doral Academy Red Rock Dragons defeated the Southeast Carrier Tech Roadrunners 4-1. This victory marks Doral Academy Red Rock’s consecutive championship.

Jenna Becker spent all seven innings on the mound, and it’s clear why. She allowed one run (no earned) on two hits and earned 13 K. She has never had fewer than six strikeouts in six consecutive innings pitched and has been nothing short of reliable.

On the hitting side, Doral Academy Red Rock had three different players step up and have at least one hit. One of them was Megan Up, who scored two runs while reaching base in all four at-bats. Another player who made a difference was Olivia Cohen, who reached base in two of her four at-bats and recorded one RBI and a stolen base.

On the Southeast Carrier Tech side, two different players stepped up and had at least one hit. One of them was Bea Robinson, who went 2-for-1 with a hit, three stolen bases, and a double.

Doral Academy Red Rock currently has a winning record of 6-5. Southeast His Career As for his tech, it’s been a big drop off from his 17-8 record last season, and he’s now 1-3.

Doral Academy Red Rocks will be on the road to face Mojave on Monday at 3:30 p.m. Doral Academy’s Red Rock is averaging 8.6 points per game this season and has a swagger with his hitting power. As for Southeast Carrier Tech, they will play Rancho in front of their home fans on Friday at 3:30 p.m. Rancho has struggled to contain hitters this season (allowing an average of 8.5 runs per game), and Southeast Carrier Tech will no doubt try to take advantage of that.

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