AI talent shortage is causing big job openings even as tech layoffs hit hard

While the technology industry is Leading the way in layoffs in the US -Which one? reached the highest level since the Great Recession February — A war for talent begins as some sectors of the industry struggle to find the right talent. The offer reportedly reaches up to $1 million.

In addition to generous compensation packages, companies ranging from small startups to industry Leaders such as OpenAI and Meta are proposing accelerated stock vesting schedules. I’m trying to pull the whole team out.The Wall Street Journal reported.

Naveen Rao, Head of Generative AI at Databricks, says, “We’re seeing a long-term shift in the talent we’re looking for. On the one hand, we have an excess of talent, and on the other hand, we have a talent shortage.” He told this magazine.

OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, has a median salary of 925,000 (including bonuses and stock), Zuhayeer Musa, co-founder of compensation data and career platform, told WSJ. He reportedly offered him a dollar amount. Six OpenAI job seekers were consulting his about offers. Meanwhile, the median salary for Meta’s 344 machine learning and AI engineers was about $400,000, including bonuses and stock, according to salaries reported on

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said: I wrote a personal email to an AI researcher. With Google’s DeepMind persuade They ended up working at Meta, sources told The Information. The company focuses on developing AI models Powering video recommendations on the platformThe company also reportedly reversed its policy of offering jobs to candidates without interviews and of not offering higher salaries to employees with job offers from competitors.

Tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Meta have it all. announced layoffs this year, partly to refocus AI development.Many technology companies also Overemployment in 2021 The company worked during a boom in the IPO market and startup funding, but has since cited restructuring and economic conditions as reasons for recent job cuts.

“Companies are aggressively cutting costs and embracing technological innovation, which is reshaping their staffing needs,” said Andrew Challenger, labor and workplace expert at Challenger. Recent layoff report.

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