Astar Network founder foresees blockchain revolution with Sony

In an interview at the BUIDL Asia Conference in Seoul on Wednesday, Astar Network founder Sota Watanabe said the future of blockchain networks will undergo “dramatic changes” in the coming months as a result of the collaboration with Sony. He said he would welcome him.

A division of conglomerate Sony Network Communications last year partnered with Startale Labs, the organization that created Astar Network.

Since then, the two have been working on what Watanabe calls a “very intensive and very important” project to build Sony’s blockchain network. “Our focus is mass adoption,” Watanabe said, adding that Astar’s aim is to demonstrate the usefulness of web3 to the broader public.

Mr. Watanabe added: [a] The most widely used public blockchain [number of] People beyond the web 3 are entering the blockchain space because Sony has a huge number of touchpoints. ”

PlayStation developer Sony previously filed a patent application for the idea of ​​a “super-fungible token” that would allow NFTs to be transferred on blockchain within the gaming ecosystem. However, Watanabe said there are multiple focus areas for blockchain, including NFTs and gaming.

Asked how Japan’s new stablecoin law is impacting Astar’s efforts, Watanabe said the company is in talks with several banks and companies, but declined to provide further information. said.

“It’s a little difficult to release some of the important information right now, but I think once we do it in the next few months, everything will make sense to everyone,” Watanabe said.

Astar Network, a platform for smart contracts that supports WebAssembly and EVM environments, is already working with several major Japanese companies such as NTT Docomo, Softbank, and Toyota.

Earlier this month, the network also introduced the zkEVM network, which uses shared liquidity to enable cross-chain transactions between Astar and Polygon. This network is built on his Polygon’s AggLayer.

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